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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Well it has been in the forecast for the past week now and I woke up this morning and the ground was........white. Bleh! Thankfully we will lose it as it will get up to +5/+6 range this week but what a reminder of what is waiting for us all.

Anyone else get this experience yet??


Well, I guess I will not feel too badly if you actually have snow falling in Calgary! We're not expecting any more here.

So N20Vette, if I might pry, are your "tweeks" public domain yet or a surprise in store??!!

Yes Somebuddy, as I don't have my car back yet I would love a shot still for a few km before it has to go into storage for the winter. My uncule scared the daylights out of me by telling me that the farmers newspaper, the "Western Producer" is forecasting colder with heavy snow for Alberta for November. How depressing a thought is that I ask you!

Thinking of warm thoughts in Northern Alberta,

Yeah keep that snow over there! lol....We dont mind here in Toronto....Sorry to hear about your snow guys, it sucks I know but we will be getting in about a month or so also :(

Had mine out today running some errands....Went to Canadian Tire and picked up some Stabil fuel stabilizer for the lawnmower and vette for there hibernation in about a month from now
Well, I guess I will not feel too badly if you actually have snow falling in Calgary! We're not expecting any more here.

So N20Vette, if I might pry, are your "tweeks" public domain yet or a surprise in store??!?

Hi Garry,

I'm not really saving it as a surprise, but I'll let Manny post all the details in the build thread. (Mainly because the list is so long, I'll probably forget half of it... Haha)

I will tell ya this....... I took some inspiration from your build and its going to be a monster! :eek:

Good evening,

I just spent two hours outside moving grain. Going into grain bins with shoes really shortens their lifespan, my work boots are not tall enough to prevent grain from flowing inside so the only option are my Ukranian dancing shoes (rubber boots!). As a precaution of course I wear two pairs of socks but even after two hours you know it is cold when ice starts to form on the top of the boot when you are standing outside! Back inside, undressed, one pair of socks on and getting ready to go on the treadmill to get some blood circulating!

Weather will warm slightly during the week but more showers or flurries on Saturday. Whaaa!

N20Vette I am so very excited to follow your build!!!! I also hope if it is in the cards that you can also go down for a few days before they ship the car home, like I did in late April. Whatever else happened, the great weather, meeting Manny and his team, Colin, Brian and Wayne, Justin, The Mud Street crew, well put things over the top. Plus being emersed in a total world of Corvette nuts is a great way to spend a couple of days getting reaquainted with the car.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Maybe a car for my son when he gets older. What am I saying?? He can have the C6 Z06 and I'll send Manny a C9 for him to toy with instead!!

You're doing yourself a world of good treating your car to a "Manny" job...........


I feel for you guys in the West. Today was a beautiful fall day—15C and sunny in southwestern Ontario so I went for a ride with the top down. Took some pictures and will post in C5 forum.
It is +5 and it must have spit a bit last night as my deck as shiny. Still it is only being
Z06 less at the moment that prevents me from enjoying this weather today. Sadly the fuel pump story got worse as after assembly they "discovered" that a relay in the fuse box overheated, some wires melted and that may have to be replaced as well........$650 plus labour and 7 to 10 more days to get that has not been a good Z06 year end here for me and it does not appear to be over yet.


This is our weather for the day
Good morning Wayne,

Oddly that sort of looks like my face.............

If you've followed my fuel pump issue the saga continues. First of all why is it that I have stories like this to even contribute????

So I get a call from the GM dealer service manager. They had been a delay in installing the new fuel pump because they either didn't get a fitting with it or one was damaged they didn't realize. But the new fuel pump is in.

"There is another problem we've discovered........."

Oh boy, here it comes I'm thinking!

"There is a relay in the fuse box that melted so we probaly have to replace the fuse box".

Of course another $650 plus labour and not available in Canada so 7 to 10 days out of the US.

Worse than that is that is is somehow involved with the Boost A Pump which the service manager is blaming for the fuel pump failure and so he is warning me that the new fuel pump will also be failing again in the near future.

Sort of left me with an even more disappointed feeling when had he been willing to install the Stage 2 pump as recommended by Manny since they had to remove the fuel tank anyway this problem would be taken care of - but he refused to undertake that job!!

And he is warning me about the bill being high............

Wow I am so dismayed that I had, last night, a feeling of regret for having gone down the modification road to start with. Fortunately for the most part it has passed this morning and I am feeling a bit better. The service manager said that he would look at bending the connector pins to get a better contact for the relay and that might be a solution but would not know until this morning and he has yet to call.

So you can see why my face sort of matches your weather this morning Wayne. Do I need consoling or what I ask you?!

Thankfully I am so bummed out I am getting most of my put-off office work out of the way and I am happy for that!


Garry, life is good,your crops are in, and the weather is going down the drain so missing your car isn't as bad as it could be.

pep talk over :)

......if it makes you feel any better I have contractors in the house.
No Wayne,

It is not missing the car so much as the cost to get it fixed, which I am sure has gone well past 3 large (knowing my luck it will be double that), to possibly getting it repaired but if there is a problem with the Boost A Pump having to go through this all over again in the future?? Sheesh I've suffered enough!

But yes, I am starting to think more about all that is right and good in my life and that this will be resolved one way or the other but it will cost more than I'd hoped and not even result in a timely fuel pump upgrade thanks to the lack of cooperation of the dealer.......


Good evening Wayne,

Sure, I mean I know you don't own a car like this and expect to drive it on the cheap but I'd rather spend money for mods than repairs.

I think that I might trade you my mechanics for your contractors!

Still no call and the day is almost over.

Sure, there are speed shops in Edmonton and Calgary. I'm still looking for my tilt trailer to move the car longer distances too. I might have to forgo my trailer for a new fuel pump at the rate the billis increasing!

Believe it or in hindsight I actually may come to realize that it will have been cheaper to ship the car to Manny for work than to have goen the route I did.

And as I say this, and having actually had a great day getting loads of overdue paperwork off my office desk, it is sunny with blue skies out - cool! I think I'll venture outside for some fresh air.

I sure wish I had my son for Halloween tonight but it is with his mother this year.


I think stuff is just sort of hitting the fan at once. And it's not really a whole bunch of separate issues but just one problem that is cascading into multiple problems. Your fuel pump could have gone regardless if you modified your car or not. Now the melted relay, that may not have happened, but it's getting taken care of. There are thousands of cars that have the BAP feature and don't have failures so you should be able to at least relax now knowing it's fixed and the chance of a second failure is minimal.

It's easy to regret having something done when it doesn't work. It's easy to regret decisions that now cause stress, or cost more money than expected, or lead to further difficult decisions......and having said this....I bet you know a lot more about life changing decisions and events than a lot of us. Anyway, what is my point. My point is you made this decision to mod your car and I have to say it was an AWESOME decision. You may regret it right now because it's in the shop and causing stress however, once you put that pedal down in the Spring when the sun is shining and summer is on the way, your regret will disappear faster than the cars behind you.
Good morning Riley,

Your words are correct. It was frustration with having to deal with that garage instead of say being able to tow it down the road to Manny's.

And yes to be sure while components do fail prematurily there is no way for sure, for me at least, to asertain if the failure was scheduled to happen or if it was brought on by the BAP. Yes, I know they've sold a lot of them too and there are threads with people who report several years of trouble free use.

I think that the problem with the relay/fusebox sort of ramped things up along with his warning that the BAP was going to cause this new stock fuel pump to fail soon too - this is the garages position anyway. And then the disappointment that I would not be facing this if the had undertaken to install the Stage 2 pump that Manny recommended at this time.

Sure it's only money and no it is not going to break me but the disappointment of a 3 or 5k or more bill for a simple fuel pump change is leaving me with suich a feeling of loss.

Not to mention that it cost me the final three weeks of driving the car!

Between the pump and Livingston International the Z06 season was not as smooth as I had hoped.

I might still get a few days in yet, while it is cold and getting to -9 at night there is no snow yet.

No call yesterday on the relay solution they were going to try and no call as of yet today.

On the plus side I was so frustrated I was able to sit myself down to get a huge amount of overdue paperwork on my desk cleared off and I am feeling great about that.

I do agree that given the very low amount of time that the stock pump is exceeding normal fuel deleivery requirements has to date been measured in minutes and doubtful over an hour so I am also hoping that it did not play a rolein shortening the stock pump's life. But I mean replacing a pump in a higher end car with 32K km on it.......maybe if it was a Dodge I'd be less surprised............!

I suppose I'm also disappinted that the relay/fusebox issue was not also noticed at the same time the pump failure was diagnosed. It would have saved me a lot of time at this point. Maybe it was not possible to pick up on it either, I don't know.

So happier days do lie ahead............I agree.


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