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Aug 28, 2014
'15 ZF1
Hello folks,

The winter hibernation has been long enough. I drove the C7 today, and went to get the first oil change done (800km on it so far).

It's a non-z51, and I wasn't sure if the dealership would put in Mobil1, or go by the cap and use GM dexos semi-synthetic.

When I got there, I asked the service adviser. He was very nice and polite, and stated they generally use Mobil1 in the Corvettes and he'd make sure that's what the technician puts in my car.

After it was done, he looked for me in the waiting area, and advised that he personally oversaw the operation, and that they had used Mobil1. It was stated on the invoice as well (amount owing was zero'd out; 1 of the 4 free oil changes).

They washed the car, cleaned inside the rims, exhaust tips, everything very nicely. I didn't use a car cover during storage and there was a solid 2" of dust on the car :eek: I picked up my '15 brochure and left.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I was not given a hard time about using Mobil1 at all, and was not charged a premium, etc contrary to some of the posts I have read on the US forum.
Absolutely it shouldn't be an issue with any dealer using Mobile 1, Z51 or not, they all left the factory with Mobil 1 and the dealer should be obligated to replace with the exact same type of oil without hassles, period.
Yes I am glad you did well with them...remember a few conversations once upon a time. Wife always says everything happens for a reason and, well if I would have had that same luck there, I wouldnt be getting my Z06...so I guess this was meant to be.
When any business does the extras and treats me right, I pass the word around to everyone I know. It's the least we can do. People don't generally go back to a bad experience so those dealers kill themselves without anyone saying a word.
My dealer wanted to charge me an extra $80 to use Mobil 1.
So.....I did my own oil chnge with Mobil 1 for just over half that price.
On sale at Can Tire at $25/4L plus filter.
I think that a lot of places see Corvette owners and think suckers. I do my own as well. At least if there is a problem, I need look no farther than the nearest mirror to yell at the guy. ;) I use Mobil 1 as well. I think that the biggest difference between the cheapest synthetics and the most expensive is the advertising.
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