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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Considering I got the link to this from the pres of the Edmonton Corvette Club... :) I figured he would have beat me to it :)

i tell ya... it ain't easy being out numbered... Don't you guys want to come to Alberta for some curvy roads???
This summer I have to go to Lake Louise, so I am planning on going through Edmonton to Jasper and checking out #93 to Lake Louise. Is that a good road, or would you recommend another route?
ohhhh dude... I used to take my Yamaha R1 down from the trans canada to Radium Hot springs/invermere... Highway 93 I think it was... what a road and what a beautiful area. You golf??? Some of the best courses there too...
Maybe I could take up golfing. How do they feel about swearing out there?:D I hope the price of fuel does not go up too much this summer because I think I am going to go through a lot of it. I'm glad that any time I thought I was putting a lot of km's on the car last summer that I told myself to shut up because I would miss it when it was winter, and I was right!
Well if I can be allowed to play then swearing must be allowed somewhere!!

Just think of the price of fuel this way... a six pack of beer is about $14 bucks so that's about $6 bucks a liter and gas is $0.90 (for premium) so if you can put 192 beer in that grocery getter a tank of gas shouldn't be a problem LOL

OK I have to admit that I think I'm pretty funny with that one :p
Haha, when I am in AB, I get the cheap Beer, Co-op gold at $6.50 for a six shooter. I bought it because it use to be brewed locally in Saskatoon, yet I could buy it rebadged in AB for half the price. It is no longer brewed here, but that is beside the point as it was when I picked up 192 of them for $208. That is still just over $3/liter for beer and in the summer, preimium hit $1.50:eek:. So...wait, what's my point? Ohh, yah, I am jealous that you guys have good cheap beer. Buying a 192 at a times saves me enough money to put the fuel in the car. It's a win-win situation.
LOL I think it's fantastic that you're proven the economic feasibility that drinking beer does in fact save money enought to buy gas!! Are you studying either law or economics by chance?
All those new members and no 403/780's ????? WOW Did any GTA/Saskatchewan members do something to the guys in Alberta or what???
You would thing we offended the 403's, but i guess they are just slow coming, my brother works with a guy in Calgary who just bought a 03 Z06 so I told him to send him a line to tell him were to find us.

If he does then you won't be alone any longer!

Great to have another person from Alberta here. I was getting worried that we would have to change the title to First, and Only, 403 post!:D
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