This summer I have to go to Lake Louise, so I am planning on going through Edmonton to Jasper and checking out #93 to Lake Louise. Is that a good road, or would you recommend another route?
ohhhh dude... I used to take my Yamaha R1 down from the trans canada to Radium Hot springs/invermere... Highway 93 I think it was... what a road and what a beautiful area. You golf??? Some of the best courses there too...
Maybe I could take up golfing. How do they feel about swearing out there?:D I hope the price of fuel does not go up too much this summer because I think I am going to go through a lot of it. I'm glad that any time I thought I was putting a lot of km's on the car last summer that I told myself to shut up because I would miss it when it was winter, and I was right!
Well if I can be allowed to play then swearing must be allowed somewhere!!

Just think of the price of fuel this way... a six pack of beer is about $14 bucks so that's about $6 bucks a liter and gas is $0.90 (for premium) so if you can put 192 beer in that grocery getter a tank of gas shouldn't be a problem LOL

OK I have to admit that I think I'm pretty funny with that one :p
Haha, when I am in AB, I get the cheap Beer, Co-op gold at $6.50 for a six shooter. I bought it because it use to be brewed locally in Saskatoon, yet I could buy it rebadged in AB for half the price. It is no longer brewed here, but that is beside the point as it was when I picked up 192 of them for $208. That is still just over $3/liter for beer and in the summer, preimium hit $1.50:eek:. So...wait, what's my point? Ohh, yah, I am jealous that you guys have good cheap beer. Buying a 192 at a times saves me enough money to put the fuel in the car. It's a win-win situation.
You would thing we offended the 403's, but i guess they are just slow coming, my brother works with a guy in Calgary who just bought a 03 Z06 so I told him to send him a line to tell him were to find us.

If he does then you won't be alone any longer!

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