Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
well at last, after many hurdles, it looks like i will be starting construction of the new house and shop. you can see by the heading of this post where my priorities are ! hopefully i can wrap the house up quickly to please the loved one. then i can concentrate fully on my dream shop. finally no more bumming shop space or lying on the gravel. no more winters bored out of my friggin' skull !!! as soon as the snow is gone and the frost is out the well driller will arrive and then the basement guys can start. anyone wanna buy a lakefront house backing on a golf course ???!!! :rofl: some photos of the building site [ only the scrubby stuff in the centre is still to be cleared ] another pic of the opposite side of the lot. :D doug.



That is a beautiful location and I wish you a speedy construction! Car dreams coming true, house dreams coming true, good for you!


thanks garry, it is quite a pretty spot and only about 5min. from where i am now. i bought the lot 5 years ago with plans to build only a shop. unfortunately local bylaws require a residence first. well so be it, i will be moving. if i am i am going to build a racecar i need to get cracking. at 60 years of age i'd like to get a few years in of the action i enjoyed in my youth but had to give up. lucky for me i have many friends in the trades that owe me favours seeing as i will be acting as general contracter,labourer,and all around go'fer !!! :D
-- Country living! There's nothing like it. A whole different world than the 'cement jungle' we live and compete in.:(

That's a great spot you have there, Doug -- and quite the project you're undertaking -- kudos for having that much ambition --- Might as well, tho, while you're still young.:D

Keep us abreast of developments.... I guess the first thing is to rid the property of that 6 foot of snow on the property....:D

Thanks for sharing your dream with us.

thanks colin, just another one of the many bonuses of being retired. having the time to handle an undertaking like this relieves much of overwhelming aspects. the last time i did something like this was 21 years ago. building and dealing with sub-trades etc. and working a full time job was a handfull and headfull. this time will be much simpler because i won't sell my current place until the new one is ready to move in. being only 5 min. away i will treat it as though i were going to work every day with a real short commute. :D
Good to see the red tape is out of your way and you can build your home and dream garage.Good things happen to good people Doug you deserve no less good on you, let the good times roll.:D

Beautiful spot Doug. Glad to hear your moving ahead with your dream. I see you already have the shop built :)rofl:).
Beautiful spot Doug. Glad to hear your moving ahead with your dream. I see you already have the shop built :)rofl:).

greg, you would not believe what i've got stuffed in that little building. 2 lawn tractors, 2 power mowers, 2 atv's, rakes and shovels, a wheel barrow. a log splitter, and various and sundry items where ever there was an opening !!! :rofl:
Dale and I can sure identify with what you will be going through. We started building our place in 1975. Bylaws weren't such a drag back then. We lived in the house as we finished it. It is not recommended for the weak of heart. We might actually get it finished one of these times. My old body has a hard time doing the little stuff these days. Good luck with the adventure and we'll have to drop by to see the progress from time to time. Any excuse for a drive up that way is good. The drive across Gannon's Narrows is always a nice one and your lot looks like a real winner. Have fun.
Looks like a great piece of property. I am somewhat envious of you and this endeavor. I have been trying to get the Mrs to let me buy a lot out side of town for some time, but she just kind of likes it in town...... maybe one day.
Best of luck to you in this.
Looking forward to the progress. My wife always wanted to move to the country, five years later, I would never move back! She informed me, that within 5 years we will move to a bungalow, since 4 bedrooms are a little much for just the two of us. I informed her that it will have a separate garage.....
Like you, we too are country folk and we'll leave our place feet first. it's nice having breathing space. When we lived in town, we could, in the summer with the windows open, sit at our supper table and hear the neighbours talking at their supper table. Not for us at all. We like the extra space.
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