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Jan 27, 2009
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2001 Z06
Anyone willing to offer driving impressions of each of the generations and models?? I would say a little more than the typical "It kicked a**" or "went like snot".

Just curious as I never drove a C1,2,3,4 or 6 LOL

Comparisons between the series would also be of interest!!
I had a 1990 C4 Vert.
This was a great car. Lots of fun to drive, it required much more driver input than the C5.
The seats and cockpit were fantastic, felt like you were sitting in a fighter jet.
The L98 motor had loads of torque, but stock HP was only 250.
On the down side, they were a Royal Pain in the ass to get out of due to the high ledge. Also probably due to being a vert, old and a C4 The car felt very loosey goosey. When I installed the roll bar or when I had the hardtop on, the car was much tighter.
I loved the Clamshell hood and the style.
Allot of people did not like the C4 due to various reasons, but I enjoyed mine.

My C5 compared to the C4 is a complete different beast.
10 times stiffer frame, 100 more Hp, larger cabin, usable luggage space, better sound system, more reliable, more mod possibilities. Better handling and ride. beautiful style.
The list goes on an on, which it should because this car was a complete new design after the 1984 to 1996 run of the C4.
This Vette amazes me every time I fire it up.

The C6 is probably that much more advanced than the C5.

I love them all . They all have their ups and downs but at the end of the day they are a Corvette !!!:canada:
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I originally fell in love with the C4, I still remember the first time i saw one and even better I remember the first time I got to drive one!!! For me the interior was the best I loved the big screen in the center console, it was basically useless other than flashing security all the time, but it looked cool kind of like a T.V. screen or NAV center in an age where nothing like that existed...that is the Corvette way! They have created a fantastic legacy by building cars ahead of there time.

I love my C5 and look forward to having it for some time to come, I must admit that in the last few month there has been some talk of adding a C4 to the family as well so we will see what happens.

Oh... if I could fit in it I would also like to have a C2 but I can't get in.

For the people that prefer the c3 over the c4 for example... is it the look? Or is it more a certain quality of the car?

I have a 73 L82 4 Speed M21 with a 3.70 rear. The car has manual steering, manual brakes and a non working am-fm mono radio. The car has had the chassis restored(body off) Mods included 460lb front springs, front/rear Addco sway bars, Headers, XE268 comp cam, 2.5" Exhaust with Magnaflows, Performer intake, BFG 255-60-15 tires.
The car is pretty crude to drive compared to the new stuff on the road with the squeaks, Rattles and insane heat in the summer. with the 3.70s I even get passed by dump trucks on the highway. But I wouldn't trade it for anything (well maybe a Z06:D) The sound of the pipes, the T-Tops off and rowing through the gears on a summer day with people waving ...I love it...old fashioned muscle:coolgleam:
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I also had an affair with the C4. but my fist vette ended up a C3. the second a c5. since my first vette was the 80 i absolutely loved it. the curve, the look and the feel....mind yah this was my first sports car. i looked around foo other vettes and just could not come to liking the c4 do to its completely different look. but when i got my C5........wow!!! there is go comparison at all between the c3 and c5. you just cant beat new tech!!! i still like c3 but for there styling only!!!
Wow. Nice 73. For me I can only say I love my 73. Never driven any other generation (did drive a 72 once tho). The looks drew me in and the style and looks I get for being 12 years younger than my car make me stay. Now to go home and look at my car.... ah!

Let me know if I just created a problem!!

LOL...I still think about that car...
It was a 69 Coupe that came from the factory with a 427/435, M22, Cordova Maroon with black interior red line tires, AM-FM Stereo.manual steering/manual brakes

The car was modified when it was new with Flat Black Kustom Side pipes, 950CFM Holly, Trantula intake, Hairy Crane cam(wouldn't idle under 1100rpm)solid lifters, 11-1 compression (these were the days of Sunoco 260 ) Aluminum flywheel with shafer clutch, Lakewood scattershield, E60-15/L60-15 Bridgestone Can Am racing tires on Anson Aluminum slot mags, L88 hood, Custom Midnight Blue with Silver ZL1 stripe
My friend bought it in spring of 1970 with about 5,000miles on it..what a blast driving around in it....quite the rocket! He sold it in 1978 for $5,500. when he bought a Ferrari 308 :confused:...I just didn't have money at the time.
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Loved my 96 C4.Great cruiser, but as Mark mentioned, a bit awkward to get in & out of.The C5 toatally a different beast.Comfy,tons of cargo space,great gas mileage,fast.My C6,more refined than the C5,436 hp which I'll never use all of,better gas mileage than the C5, but less storage.The C5 had one large & 2 small removeable trunk area removeable panels which were very handy,C6 doesn't have that.C6 fully ;loaded is a cruiser.albeit,a fast one.GM seat quality still needs work for a car in that price category.
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