A mechanic friend tells me that many vehicles that came in with the check-engine light on, in the past, had no trouble passing.

Now, they won't even hook them up to the testing equipment.

Remove the bulb? As soon as they read the computer and it shows that the light would be on....FAIL. It may be clean, but the bulb fails it.

Any cars I buy for pleasure, from now on, will be 1987 or older.
My question is what about a early OBD. (1) like is in my 88. I would imagine they will have an adapter for their plug?

Case. any car older than 88 is not subject to the emission test.
You must still have all the original emissions equipment installed that would have come on the car when new. When we bought our '69 L78 Chevelle in '97, it had headers. These engines came with the smog pump in '69. Rather than looking over my shoulder for MOE goons, I spent the money and installed the original style smog manifolds and pump. When we got a very good offer on the car, it was gone. I'm sick and tired of the games the government plays. Everyone seemed to get different stories from the MOE guys. My MPP gave me the name of the go-to Moe guy for answers. I may still have his number around. A friend of mine, a retired policeman, got to the guy first. He talked to the guy for 45 minutes and the go-to guy really had no answers for the questions put to him. It's nothing more than income for them, something like $30 million a year from emissions testing alone. I have yet to have a vehicle fail the test and usually have four or five around. Even our our '87 S-10 truck, that won't die, passed with flying colours the last year it had to be tested and it had its original converter. The real crazy part is, they don't even test to see if things are working as designed.
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Well it was already answered but:

The latest news about Drive Clean (other than the auditor general’s observations) is that, as of Jan. 1, a new test will read your car’s computer history to see if your vehicle meets emission standards. The new Drive Clean test will obtain emissions control systems results directly from the vehicles’ on-board diagnostics (OBD) system.

In my Chevelle, there is no computerized OBD. The owner is the OBD system meaning knowing if something is wrong using your eyes, nose, and ears when driving it. I hoped it would be exempt!:rofl:

I like to follow this as Saskatchewan is behind in all of this required testing and it worries me that they may bring it in to follow other provinces. If it's getting scrapped, there is hope it will never make it's way here. Fingers crossed.
From the gov't website:
"1988 to 1997 model year vehicles require a different test. Find a Drive Clean facility equipped to test older vehicles at driveclean.com".

I can't go to my local Chevy dealer to have the next e-test on my 1989 Chevy K1500, because it is an OBD1-equipped vehicle. Have to find another location that does those tests - Drive Clean - Find a Test Facility - Ministry of the Environment

And the madness continues...
Oh that's wonderful.
My 88 will have to go to the city to be done. No one in Caledonia that has the ability.
Now what about all the guys that bought the Dino equipment a few years back....at $100 grand or more. I guess it was a worth while deal for them.
Well, what a can of worms this new Drive Clean testing system is. How do I know? Read on. This is going to be a long one so you may wish to pour a drink. I know I will.

My 2004 Tahoe got rejected by the new computer system this afternoon. "No e-Test pass for you".

A couple of weeks prior to my licence sticker renewal date, I started smelling gasoline inside the Tahoe. When I got it on my hoist, I found rusty fuel lines coming out of the fuel pump on the top of the fuel tank. These are the portion of the lines that are part of the pump so the pump is kaput. Okay, so I ordered a new fuel pump that came from the U.S.

When it arrived, I dropped the tank only to discover that the fuel lines further ahead of the tank were badly rusted (thanks Ministry of Transportation for spraying that crap all over our highways). The local Chevy dealer says they'll be almost a week coming from the U.S. 'cause there are none in Canada.

Now, as you can imagine, I had to disconnect the battery to perform these tasks. OH-OH!!!!!! HERE'S WHERE IT GETS STUPID!!!

Never disconnect your battery if you are within a few weeks of having one of the new e-tests. There is now insufficient information in the on-board computer for the ALL-SEEING/ALL-KNOWING GOVERNMENT computers to evaluate the emissions performance of the vehicle.

So, because of important repairs (not blowing up sounds important to me....you?) I can't get an e-test and can't legally drive the vehicle to complete the required drive cycles to inform the on-board computer. Why? Cause now my sticker has expired.

The dealer's service advisers say that many cars that have been repaired recently are now failing under the new system.

So, I ask them how many drive cycles I have to perform to get the computer happy? They don't know and the GOVERNMENT can't tell them.

I ask them what a drive cycle is? They say it's an unknown combination of engine-off-for-eight-hours; drive-with-A/C-and-rear-defroster-on; drive-in-stop-and-go-traffic;-drive-at-highway-speeds; sometimes-with-A/C-and-rear-defrost-on-and-sometimes-with-them-off. I ask them how it can be unknown. They answer that some people have been re-tested more than once and continue to fail until it finally passes.

I ask them what percentage of tested vehicles pass under normal circumstances. 98% NINETY-BLOODY-EIGHT PERCENT PASS and we're going through this bull****?

I ask how I'm supposed to perform these drive cycles without a valid licence sticker. Nobody knows.

Don't you love how the government is making us safe from ourselves. :D

You want to know what is really stupid is the fact that a provincial program is not implemented province wide. I'm not complaining... because there is no drive clean program where I live; just pointing out another stupid government boondoggle.
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