Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
If you get a new C7 with the seven speed stick shift, you also get computer control of the rpm as you shift gears. That's one of the big parts of driving the stick shift cars that they are taking away. If I owned a C7, I would want to be able to shut this "feature" off. A lot of our vehicles have been stick shift for the sheer enjoyment of the driving experience. Not that we are great at shifting but it gives us something to strive for, a nice shift, up or down. We have two vehicles that are automatic and we tend to fall asleep at the wheel, so to speak, for lack of something to do. Surely there are still a few people out there who want to do their own driving. In the name of high tech, the car companies are taking all that away from us.
i agree keith, hopefully there is an overide or defeat for the rpm shift control. with a stick car one of the big joys is the feel of and sound of shifting how you choose and not a bunch of circuits. as sophisticated and advanced as new cars are becoming there is a certain feel that is missing. i used to love the feel and sound of an old T-10 or muncie and the toploaders and mopar 833's. give me a clutch with a linkage too !! i just couldn't get used to the feel of a hydraulic.
Yeah, Nissan brought that out as an option on the 350Z a couple of years ago. It automatically blips the throttle for you on a downshift to match the engine revs perfectly with the tranny speed. On the Nissan it's switchable. I guess the days of heel and toe downshifting are becoming numbered. With the way emissions and fuel economy are headed I won't be surprised if manual trannys become a distant memory.
I'm sure you could shut that feature off with a tuner. I was just wondering what would happen if you started moving the shifter left to right in the neutral position while moving if it would be blipping the throttle all over the place.:rofl:

I could also see 6-speed conversions being offered by people to get a real stick back in the car.
If you scroll down to picture 7 in this album it shows a rev match switch built into the steering wheel. It sure looks busy as they've moved the cruise and radio in there too.

Photos of the 2014 Corvette Stingray : theCHIVE

PS Picture #4 is my fave.

Thanks for the warning Rob----I wasn't prepared for that and messed all over my keyboard..........:rofl:

Rev matching on downshifting has been around for a while even on our automatics -- I like it. Nice that it is switchable tho.

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