Rain and yes snow storms .

I have a clear bra and coat and coats of Ice paste on the car .She is fairly easy to clean except the wheels .The Vert top doesn't leak ,the car came with wipers and lights .

At the end of the day it's only a Chevrolet ,drive em :D
We have four vehicles but the Corvette is our fun car. We don't take it out into the rain. No fun driving in the rain anyway. If we are out and get caught in the rain, it is no big deal. The car gets cleaned up and is ready for the next run. We've gone close to 600 miles in the last week on sunny days so there isn't much of a need to go out and drive in a down pour for a fix.
All the time. in the summer I use it as my daily driver, so if it rains most likely in am in it. But I have found that even though is a sweet car does not melt in water
I don't drive mine just so I don't have to clean it. Having said that I have been caught in rain twice and with the glass roof, cockpit feeling and the sense I was getting away with something I have to admit it was great.
It's simple Wayne: You don't get it dirty and mucked up you don't have to clean it up again and my back thanks me every time I avoid that situation.

I really don't see the point in driving a high performance car in s**t weather anyway........but hey, feel free if that's your thing.

I certainly don't feel I need to prove anything to anyone by driving in the rain or snow or any other situation I deem crappy -- but apparently they make snowtires for these cars, so there must be a market for them.....

Rock on in whatever weather you choose to drive in, but don't expect me unless I'm fairly sure the sun will be shining and it's reasonably warm to get some decent traction .:)

If it weren't for those 13 electrical grounds with pin connections that corrode so easily I would have mine insured all year round. But here in B.C. it rains almost non stop from October through April anyway.
Never. Except the one down pour I got caught in last year. Car was a real handful and nearly impossible to get traction. Did not enjoy it one bit. I stick to sunny days. It's a pleasure car.
Funny thing , I love driving in the rain in my DD . I once drove from Winnipeg to Toronto and it poured pretty much the whole way .... I was in my glory !

But I don't want to drive the Vette in the rain .. I don't think it's ever been drivin in the rain judging that the underside is still really clean . I don't want to undo that , plus it really takes a good wash job to get the car clean again and I'm too lazy !
I'm the same, I was told the original owner never drove in the rain, (there's a familiar story). I've been in the rain 3 times and always manage to feel guilty about it. I do love cleaning the car though,

I'm eagerly awaiting Tonys viewpoint having gone from a vette to a multi turbo all wheel drive all weather topless wunderkar.

Also have to add I do enjoy driving in the rain .... These cars can really mess you up :) ;)
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Just leaving to take my car up to Manny's to have the vandalism fixed.. Thank Goodness it's not raining to add insult to injury ...
I try not to drive in the rain. Like Colin I don't care for the extra cleaning afterwards and they aren't much fun to drive in bad weather. I took it to work a few weeks ago and got caught in a heavy rain storm on the 401 (wasn't raining when I left). The car was aquaplaning like crazy and I have lots of tread on my tyres. It got a bit hairy. Couldn't get it over 150.
Good morning Gentlemen,

I don't go out of my way to drive it in the rain but as the season and days of the season when I can drive it are limited if it is grey out I will still go out. But if there is a monsoon or actively falling rain then no, I will not go out. But if it is not raining but forecast then I will still likely head out. A skiff of rain can be a bit of fun and not so hard on the car to slide it in corners..............

The best autocross in Dawson which I missed myself was the one that took place in falling rain, apparently the education of navigating the cones when it was that wet was pretty beneficial.

Snow I'd always avoid though. Too cold, I don't like ice, salt and sand on the roads............

Also with rain one problem is no longer having windshield washer fluid - you need a good rain to use the blades otherwise it just makes a mess of the windshield!! But the methanol needs a home!


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