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Jan 11, 2009
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When I was in Vegas, after coming out of the auction there was a C6 Corvette with a hood that I have never seen before. Does anyone know what it is? Dwayne, I see a new hood, chin spoiler and side skirts in your future!


Oh, yah... it took me a while, but I noticed it was parked beside a Lamborghini.

I think the corvette is largely a very classy looking car. I don't like parts that take away from that... that hood is too... hmmm what's the word... Ford Maverick???

Take a closer look... you'll also notice that even in the pic that the gaps are horrible (as they often are with aftermarket items like that)

I was going to say too "Mustang" but someone got that one :)
Hey tonsf1000, I couldn't find the hood with the link you posted.

I like the hood on the car mostly for the reason that the person also installed the chin spoiler, grill, side skirts, Z06 vents, quarter panels, fenders, wheels and a low profile spoiler on the car so it's not the only thing that he added. I would hope that there is an engine under there to match the look. It is getting on the big side for me as it does draw the eye but it looked pretty good in person.
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