I only waited 38 years from the time I first saw my cousin's new '74. :(

House and family came first but it was worth the wait. :D

I dream of performance improvements down the road but I'm happy to have the Vette as it is today. It still makes me smile when I put the pedal down; I just have to stay away from those modern Vettes so I don't embarrass myself. :eek:
It's not just with our dream cars that we put things off too long. Talking to or visiting old friends and relatives are also things that we plan on talking to or seeing tomorrow and suddenly it never comes. I've lost three cousins and some good friends in the last year, one friend just yesterday. Can't visit them any more.
When the C6 Corvette first came out I took one look and said, "THAT is what a Corvette should look like." We had our COPO Chevelle partly restored and an L78 Chevelle on the street. What more could a Chevy guy ask for. A Corvette wasn't even in the picture. Over the winter both cars sold and we were on the look out for THAT C6 2005. By the end of April, we had one in our garage. If I were to die tomorrow, at least we have had one great summer and 13K miles of super fun, the best summer ever. Hopefully there will be lots of more summers like this one. For anyone procrastinating, don't. You can wait too long. Being a martyr and putting others first, to a point may be ok, but you should be a little true to yourself once in a while too. I don't know of any stretch limo Corvettes that will take you to the cemetery.
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I bought my First Vette, `67 Yellow 327/340 4 speed converible, when I first started going with Nancy 40+ years ago. We have since owned a `62, `88 Coupe, `78 Pace Car, `99 C5 Convertible, `03 50th Anniversary, `06 Coupe, `11 GS Convertible.

We didn't wait. :D
Here's proof that you can never be too old for these cars. If you 'feel' too old, maybe you are, but if you decide that you're young enough, you'll always be until the brain gives out. :D


Yeah, that's the driver at the door.


Think you can take him? That's one bad ass big block '67. Paint don't mean sh
I just watched the video and it was great. We bought our car 4 years ago from a gentleman that sold it because he could no longer get out of the car. It only had 16k's on her and he said he kept her in the garage so it wouldn't get dirty. The sad part is we keep her stored on a hoist in the garage so nobody gets close to her. After seeing this video, I think I better start driving the car more often:)
I have always worked hard and purchased my dreams. No sense just wishing you had that Vette, Harley, or took that dream bucket list trip.
I have been to way too many funerals in the last five years of friends close to my age.

When I had my my machine shop (18 years). The best advise anyone ever gave me, was from my dying Grandfather. He Said the last thing you want written on your tomb stone is; Mark was a Great guy, but died from working too many hours and days.
That was April of 1994. I sold the shop in 2003.

Up until the day he said that, I had bought and sold lots of toys. Cars, Motorcycles, Boats but never made the time to use them. Usually got tired of passing them in the garage on the way to work.

Since then I have made a point of living every day to the fullest. You only get one life so you might as well enjoy it.
Oh yeah: Miss you Grandpa.:canada:
Damn video is gone, but by reading the posts, you made me eliminate any (if there ever was any) buyers remorse from getting it done now--inlcuding all mods, both past, present and future.......
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