Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
We laid some laminate flooring about three years ago from a specialty store in our area. We wanted to get some more but it has been discontinued already. Someone, somewhere must have some sitting in a warehouse. My internet searches haven't brought up anything. I figured someone on this site might just know something more than just about Corvettes. :D What I am looking for is Diamond 1390TOPAZ and about 250 square feet if I can get it. I know it's a shot in the dark. HELP
I get into DIY stores often...
You wouldn't have a picture of the box/wrapper for the flooring..would you?
Even a pic of the flooring itself.
That may help


When I first saw this heading I thought it was another C7 restraint...!
I thought
"Oh my.! Those poor C7 guys can no longer get the laminate floor option!"

What I am looking for is DIAMOND, Decor: 1390TOPAZ Pushlock by Unilin.
There is another tag G29178. Any help would be appreciated. It is sort of a medium oak look with very shiny finish. Everything we see now is more of a matte finish with very few options in the shiny finish. I will be doing the hall and rec room. This will only butt up against the existing flooring at two door openings so I could go with something else similar and we did see something that was pretty close. Then I got the idea to hunt around a little. A web site for end of line stuff might be something to start up. Stores have lots of end of line stuff as do people. I have two boxes of the 1390TOPAZ. Not much good without more of the same. People have to have lots of this stuff stored away at home taking up space.
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