I was going through all the glove box stuff from our Corvette tonight. There is the owner's manual in a nice factory plastic folder with guess who's dealership name across the bottom. I guess our car came from you know who. Fortunately, the car is running fine, I don't know where THAT dealership even is and I don't care to know. Scott Drummond Chevrolet isn't all that far away and sounds like the type of dealership that I would use should the need arise.
TQracer did you ever get this resolved to your satisfaction? I found this thread by accident but I am interested because I bought my Z06 from them, the sales reps name was Ernie but I would have to check the paperwork to get a last name. I felt that I was treated alright by Courtesy during the sales portion of the adventure but I was disappointed in their service department in the one and only time I took it back there (leaking diff).

The mechanic took a short cut that ended up causing lots of grief until I found what he had actually done (reused crush seals, $20 parts that should have been replaced).

It really does make a difference in the buying experience but I have found that even one person can indeed ruin a companies reputation. I do hope you got you issues sorted out.
Same salesman with the dirty jacket,same service crap!
They did not resolve it at all.
Gm sent me a $200 Visa card as they could not get it resolved either and they agreeded with my complaints .
I sold the car I was so pissed off when I found out it had been hit in the driver's door.
I have since purchased a 03 50th from World Fine Cars and completely satisfied with the whole experence , not like Lack of Courtesy and Integrity.
Since then I have bought 2 GM cars total over $100,000 ,they lost out.
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