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Mar 5, 2011
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I purchased a used '08 vert from Courtesy Chev Olds in Toronto.
I did not bring Clint Eastwood his 45 with me to buy the car. They delivered the car to me with an unprogrammed key fob, no introductory sit-down in the car, a broken inner fender, only one emergency entry key and a key fob held together with black tape which they very quickly placed in an envelop upon delivery.
The inner fender was not broken when I purchased the car as they had to re-position the front air dam on one side. The non-programmed key fob does not allow me to access the options package on the car...eg ..seat position, memory etc. So whoever drives this car has to carry both key fobs and the option mode does not work.
When I called the salesman 6 hours after I took delivery, and told him that the option mode did not work he was very condescending and would not help me at that time. He told me to call back on Monday and he would sit in another car and talk me through it. I think I knew when something does not work since I have owned 5 previous corvettes.
They also slipped in a $249 charge for disability insurance which I was not told about and which I do not want.
The General Manager says that she would not have sold the car at the price that I bought it at, so they will not do anything for me.
GM customer service is involved and if I do not get any satisfaction, I have the phone number of the GM President's office...which I will use.
The total cost of the parts from GM Parts House in PA is less than $175.00
They claim that it is going to cost them $585.00.
This is one of GM's flagship cars and I have owned many GM products and this is no way to treat a customer.
So buyers beware..buy from a reputable dealer...not Courtesy Chev Olds ( a defintite misnomer if I ever heard one!)
Thats why we call them stealerships .

Sorry that you had a bad experience , it does make your new Corvette ownership a bad experience .
Man that really sucks....... Don't give up on them, get on them like a pit bull; you will win out.
When a company goes through bankruptcy protection then keeps the same people running the show, you know what happens? Same people making the same mistakes gets the same results as before. The lesson wasn't learned at all. I've never spent a cent on new car warranties and wouldn't take my cars back to a dealership anyway. I either do my own work or take my cars to mechanics who have demonstrated that they actually know what they are doing. It's worked very well for me over the years. Why do you think I stopped in to see Manny and get familiar with his shop.
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Wow! What a lousy way to be treated. You need an appointment with their General Manager to discuss this mess and to have it resolved ASAP.

If they refuse, you need to call GM's customer service and discuss this with them. They will be most interested to hear how one of their dealerships is treating customers.

What has happened to you is totally unacceptable. Don't rest until you get satisfaction.

Let us know what develops please and good luck.

Wow. I hate to say it, but I'm not really of a high opinion of any dealership. It's a racquet, a hussle, and really crappy to deal with most of them. I'd love to have a great GM dealer in my neck of the woods. While Courtesy sounds WAY worse than anything in my parts, not one seems like a place I WANT to take my car to.
GM customer service can not do crap about this.
It is a DAMN shame when you spend $40K you get this treatment.
Hopefully people will NOT buy from this dealer and call them and say why. Phone # 416 255 9151 Diane Parsons
This way they get the MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!
Do not screw with Corvette people.
To be fair, back in 2005 we bought a new Jimmy at Lauria Pontiac, in Port Hope Ontario. Rob Nicholas, the salesman, was not one bit pushy and just laid out what was available for options so that we could pick. No push on the up selling side, undercoating, interior treatments etc. I would have recommended the shop to anyone except, guess what happened? When GM went through restructuring, they shut down Lauria, the very dealership that should have been used as an example of how to do business. I spent 41 years at GM Oshawa but don't see a bright future for it here in Canada, at least not as long as they keep on running the business the same old way. Sad. Perhaps someone should take a dictionary to your dealership and explain the meaning of the word "courtesy".
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I also had a good experience. In my case it was at Scherer Chevrolet Buick GMC in Kitchener when I purchased my '11 GS in August of 2011.
Couldn't have asked for a better transaction and customer service.

Good dealer attitude

I needed to have a wheel monitor replaced , so I ordered 1 from Scott Drumond Chev in Campbellford where I bought a 2012 Cruze in May.
I had had them look for a used Vette for me but with no luck.
I found my 08 vert at Courtesy in Toronto (that is a joke in itself as you have read already) .See dealer to avio post
Drummond's salesman was told by the service manager that the part was in for my car.
Guess what, the salesman Dana Johnson, showed up at my door on Thursday to drive it to the dealer and service it for me, along with programming the key fob that did not work.Thanks to you know who!
It saved me a 60 mile round trip and 4 hours.
And when I turn the car on it says (NICE RIDE DAN) nice touch.
The only thing that concerned my wife was that he told her he would return the car whenthe weather got cold.
I am sorry to hear of your treatment... Living out here in the country, re-affirms why WE don't buy in the city.. We buy from the folks we live with.. I love small town life.. GM will listen, but you better take your lumps (cancel the insurance) and fix it yourself They really don't care on a used car...
Courtesy will NOT supply me with a key or fob, but will pay for the inner fender sheild
I ordered a key and fob from GM partshouse for $150.
They won the battle but I will win the war.
241 corvette people have seen the way they do business , its not acceptable for us Corvette people is it?
With today's Internet sales and cross country car market, you can be sure that they lost at least 2 or 3 car deals over it. Not including guests that skate through.
With today's Internet sales and cross country car market, you can be sure that they lost at least 2 or 3 car deals over it. Not including guests that skate through.

You bet! I always make a habit of telling the people I deal with that I belong to a club or 2 and have many friends in these clubs that like to hear of my good fortune.
I also remind the salespeople I deal with that should I hear of any members, friends, family who want their product that I'd be glad to send them their way.

Or not. :D

Come to think of it I haven't had a bad experience for a long time.
Amazing the power of the internet and word of mouth isn't it.

tqracr: Did you follow up with a call of any kind to GM? GM's customer service should be able to register a complaint for you and talk you thru the steps and should be able to give you a reference # of your complaint.

I spent more than a week talking to GM customer service,although they aged with me on the emergency key Courtesy did not budge.
I really enjoy the car and the color, if I did not I would have returned it already.
My dad, in 1966, took his Ford Galaxie 7 Litre to Oakville when he had a brake problem which the dealer refused to fix and parked it on the front lawn and went in and demanded to speak to the President of Ford.
He got action and his car was repaired.
Maybe history will repeat itself, after the media is notified.Pat Foran or Shawn O'Shea may be interested since the lack of a second emergency key is a safety issue.
Both of us drive this car and have our own set of keys, so someone could be stuck.
It says in the owner's manual that with out this key you might have to damage your rto get in if the battery dies.(they never die in a vette right)
Keep hammering at customer service. It's their job to listen to you. Also keep hammering at the dealership and go as high as you can by phone and by letter. Document everything since GM customer service will ask.
If you get nowhere with the customer service rep get their name and phone back to talk to someone else.

If you let them (c/service and the dealership) know you won't quit they eventually will concede to an amicable solution. Decide what that would be for when somebody asks.

They'll treat you like a nobody if you let them -- It's unfortunate that it comes to this but show them that you are somebody and won't take no for an answer.

Go get 'em while keeping your temper -- as you may know: that will go a long way to getting results.


I took it to another level at GM.
It is called customer care Management Level.
I made it quite clear I was not going to settle for any less than the key and fob along with the programing of the fob. I told them I have ordered for GMpartshouse in PA,
as I was going on a trip.
I also pointed it out that I have $ 100,000 of their product sitting in my driveway.
She asked me what I wanted and she will get back to me in 2 days.
I am like dog on a T bone, its not the $175 for the parts it is treating a customer right.
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