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Feb 28, 2011
North of Canada
2008m vert
Don't ya just hate it .Backed out of the garage and hit a 5 ton trailer .It's not the end of the world but still it sucks .Looks like it will be mostly a re-paint of the rear end .I have a guy in the hills of North Carolina that is a master painter so I'll run it down the first of October .:mad:
I feel your pain too Stephen: Did the same thing a few months back -- hit Margaret's truck. No biggie, just a new fender and some paint and it's good as new.

Sh*t happens -- suck it up and go on brother.....

I think whats frustrating is the care we all take to prevent door dings ,rock chips ,tree sap and than do it yourself .

The dog watched me do it and never barked.:swear:

Off to the hardware store for a gallon of paint and a new 4" brush .:D

It really isn't THAT bad
i always back into my garage and most every other parking spot, people or things just seem to walk up behind your car at the most inopportune times, your field of vision is much better in front of you than behind. Try it, you'll see what i mean, see being the operative word. :eek:
I would make sure the dog is properly punished for not notifying you about hitting the trailer.
You can be sure that anyone who hasn't backed into something has come pretty darned close. I've done both. No major damage though. Two sounds when that happens. "Thud" then "Damn" rings out in your brain. Next to missing shifts when showing off, this has to be number two at keeping us humble. :)

right up there with smacking the lower unit of your outboard on a rock shoal you know is there. :eek:
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