Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
So cruise is coming up fast. I have a question for all the toon towners (and anyone else) Is it worth while taking my chassis to the show? It is a bit of work since you have to push it everywhere. However I am proud of what I have done so far. Is it allowed? did they ever implement that per-registration crap. I haven't taken a car in for 3 years so not sure anymore. Please let me know what you all think.

I say take it and show it off.
You have done some great work and other car people will admire it.
Most people do not get to see a car at that stage.
Then when you finally take the completed car to the show everyone can say they saw this car when it was 'in-progress'.
I wish I was close enough to see it in person.
Take it!

Unfortunately the Corvette spot is no longer there as "The Partnership" decided that dealership cars should take up that location (because new cars should be the ones in the shade???) and well, the Corvette group has faded into a few cars so I'm not sure where the best place to park would be.

With that said, there is no preregistration that I am aware of. But I think it would be cool to have your frame there. You should bug Terry and go beside his car.
Good idea. Need to get a hold of him anyway. Are you taking your cars?

Why do we keep getting pushed around at cruise? I remember the first year I took the car we were by the bank on 22nd. Then like 3 other places until finally the nice spot in front of the canada building. What the Hell?

The Partnership is not very well organized and I question the intellegence of some of the people organizing this event. I noticed the VW guys were pushed out of their spot as well after having that spot for 20 years!!!

I plan on going. Wasn't planning on putting a car in this year but may be able to be arm wrestled into dragging the Chevelle down there. :D
well i will be coming on sunday to check out the show and shine. I work in swift current all week, so sunday is my chance to see some cars. I had a friend of mine show up last year and he was told his car was too new. he was a little peeved to say the least.
I would be there to wander, if it quits raining, here in moose jaw. sheesh feel like I'm living on the west coast we've had so much rain.
hey Riley, Todd, my son ran 10.62 @ 132 mph Friday night. I would guess he is now suspended, but he had to find out just what the car was able to do. he says there is a bit more left yet.
You have to show up before 7:00 to get your car past the guards.... Or, when you come up to get in, just let them know you are part of a club.

It's been nothing but sunny and warm for weeks on the west coast just so you know :) There is a show in Campbell River next weekend (the next town north of us here in Courtenay).....Saturday at the Chev dealers lot and Sunday downtown......I hope the weather is still good then.
I would be there to wander, if it quits raining, here in moose jaw. sheesh feel like I'm living on the west coast we've had so much rain.

LOL, Steamer says it's been hot and dry out on the island -- and on the mainland it's had many a forest fire due to dry conditions.

He'll be glad to know you're getting all his rain..:D
i have a friend in Nanaimo, he's from moose jaw, so he has been keeping me in the loop for island weather. the looser! haha
Hi Everyone,
Saturday evening I drove a few passes on 8th during cruise night. There were lots of nice cars out, but I did not see any corvette brethren :coolgleam:
I was buried at work in swift current. would have been nice to go for a change
On one of these days when the weather is nice and everyone has time, a meeting on 8th would be good.

On a side note, this weekend in Regina is a Corvette event - Saturday -> Show and Shine Traveland RV jct Highway 1 & 6 | Sunday -> autocross Racing at 3Flags.
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Well, what the crap happened to my reply to bigneez!

I saw your son on Friday night and talked to him a while about his car. What made me go over to look at his car was the 8 A PONY licence plate and that he obviously knew the guy that had Z06 LOL on his Mustang beside him... Which I thought was actually a funny plate. Anyway, Todd told me about the 10.62 pass. That is awesome. And he said he was looking to sell some parts to which I gave him a card with the forum on it. He said his dad is on the forum, bigneez. Well, small world! So it was good to meet him and I'm sure I''ll run into him at other times. It looks like he did a really nice job on his car.
thanks, I'm glad you got to meet. he has a few friends who are on the dark side and own mustangs.
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