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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
CougarDan's Cougar, Dad and BB Stingray a while ago.........

Beautiful rides Dan, especially the BB '72 'vette:D -- that must have been one mean mutha......Looked purdy ....... but mean and fast.


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COUGH (it's a 72) COUGH

Thanks for posting the pics. It will be nice to get it out for a run soon...I have only had the vette out 3 times this year and now that the perfect weather is here I can't open the garage LOL
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The hood he bought it in 70's. I have the stock hood in the basement keeps the rock chips at bay.

My girlfriend knows VERY well how hot the pipes's all the idiots everywhere else (including car shows) that don't get it. I remember once my dad and I were at a show, we both had just arrived and my dad put the sign in the window (both sides) CAUTION CAR BITES DO NOT TOUCH...sure enough not 5 minutes later some idiot walks up and goes "ohhh check out the side pipes" and PUT HIS HANDS DOWN AND WIPED THE PIPE....needless to say I think that guy lost his finger prints for a while....his palm blistered instantly.
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I just remembered....when he added the Edelbrock intake, new carb and air cleaner the stock hood didn't have enough clearance....that was why he got the other hood. I have every part for the car though...including an original set of brand new chrome bumpers, a set of the side trims (behind side pipes) still in 70's packaging from GM, the stock exhaust, the original air cleaner, headers, and intake manifold, the hood, the antenna, and even the original tires with rims and center caps.

oh...and the car has 48,000 original miles and the paint is all original...
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