Photo Album

Did anyone get this?

I am considering it, but the $700 price tag is driving me away!

That price is in USD so when you add exchange @ 1.25 works out to 875 CAD,
thats why i didn't order the album when I ordered mine, I rather spend the money on dressing up my engine which I did......
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Take some pics when you get it home with you in them. Use Shutterfly if you wan't to create your own album for $50. Spend the $850 on something else, you can buy books on the new C7 for much less off Amazon, many of those have pics of the manufacturing process.
I don't even now what you are talking about. What is it? Where does it come from? I got my C7 three weeks ago.

Too late now you have to order it when you get your TPW so they can take pictures of your car as it goes down the line....
I did end up buying the book!

Shane from the Corvette Museum sent me this photo of my car coming off the line on March 3th!!

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