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Mar 3, 2009
2005 v yellow
Many of you know that my garage burned with my 98 Corvette this winter and now I will be rebuilding this spring .I want the perfect Corvette garage and so I am looking for ideas and I don't want any suggestions like "PAINT IT PINK INSIDE SO YOUR WIFE WILL SPEND MORE TIME POLISHING THE VET" ....seriously it will be a three car garage with a 13ft high ceiling with four skylites and a car hoist (for 4 cars):rofl: If any body has suggestions for a perfect " corvette garage"chime in.:seeya:

Vettmad ( miss my vet)
Hey Vettman, my neighbour just built his man garage! 3 car, 26 deep, 10 ft. ceiling, 50 inch HD tv. Surround-a-sound system, all the tool storage you could imagine. And the best part, 2 kegs of beer, with each keg in it's own fridge. Couch, chairs. Finished floors, lots of pot lites ! And a heater/fan.
But for you, only 1 keg would be enough for us!
:)One idea might be to do the inside of the garage in a ROUTE 66 theme. Corvettes seem to be synonymous with the image and memory of the tv show and with the image and memory of the actual highway.
Another thought would be to pay homage to all the generations of Corvettes by way of a mural depicting C1's thru C6's. The Mural could include images of some of the many Corvettes from the past 55 years that were built specifically for racing. ie: LeMans, Watkin's Glen, Sebring, Laguna Seca, NHRA drag racing, etc. :)
Heated Flooring. A Drain, although the City won't allow it, and a built in wand wash/or washing area. A stereo, so you can listen to music while you wash/wax/work on you Vette. Lots of lights so it's easy to see every curve.
all good ideas. when you get the electrical done make sure u bring in phone and internet and cable. also an exhaust port on the insulated triple car overhead doors......oh yeah and a suite above the garage so i can come and live with u!!!:D
Rod I would put a second floor on if the city would let me and who ever is living up there would have to have long blonde hair:rofl:
can u say
They do not have control of unknown chemicals running off onto the street or back alley if the drain just exits your garage, and if you want to tie it into sewage, they do not allow it as there is no way to monitor the volume of fluid drained. i.e. They do not know how much to charge you. Plus they think everyone will just drain their old oil in there. I do not agree with it, I just heard about it from a friend that wanted to install a drain in his garage and was denied.
By the way, what is your address again? hahaha.
They won' let you put a drain in ,a friend of mine tried , they made him pull the pipes out before he poured the concrete!
I would liketo have a big screen in front of my corvette when it is stored for the winter so I can drive it "all year" . I will vidio tape miles of highway scenes and play them when I feel like going for a drive in the winter.
Great ideas ... what about mirrors on the ceiling ? would look twice as high.... I'll have to write all these ideas down and pick only 10 out of the box and if it was your idea ...maybe ... you could help pay for them :D just kidding keep them coming thanks,

Brent can you get different colors for the floor?
You would be amazed at the colors and paterns you can get I have lots of info at the shop, its a really cool way to do the floor, if your feeling rich I can engrave the flags from whatever generation you by next on the floor so if the car is there it looks cool and if the car is gone it looks cool.

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