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Aug 5, 2011
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I'm sure many of you remember Chuck CoW (Chuck Mosello) of Ossining New York and 'Corvettes of Westchester' fame, who visited a few years ago for a workshop and tune session for all us lucky 'vette owners.

He'd love to do it again and I for one, and Manny for another, would really like to see that happen tho of course we must show some interest and make Chuck's trip worthwhile.

As you may know, Chuck is another guru of corvette performance and tuning just like our one and only Manny, and has many tuning credits to his name and shared them all over the world.

We feel that this would be a wonderful opportunity to see Chuck, check out his tunes and sample some of them on our cars.

Manny will chime in here with info and suggestions and knows Chuck well. I've talked to him for a very brief time but can attest to his personability, and, like Manny, can also attest to his smarts on tunes.

I'd like to see many hands go up here to show as much interest as we can to attract Chuck for another visit this spring/summer.
He's promised that if there's enough interest he'll come see us.
There may be some dyno time to be had too.

There's quite a bit of info on the web about Chuck but here's the main address and info of Corvettes of WestChester in New York. The site is incomplete and under construction at the moment but has basic info for now.
He says it'll be up and running fully in a short time.

There are also threads on his last visit here apparently (I'm told) tho I've not had time to search yet. If someone does find them please post the links to them for us all to see.

Here's the link to Chuck Corvettes of Westchester tunes Moselli.

Hope you find some interest here and support a visit by another real expert in the field: Chuck CoW.

Corvettes of Westchester

ECP(Manny) and Chuck Cow Dyno Day

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When is this going down? I'd have to know specifics(date,time,cost,etc.) before I could commit to this. It sounds awesome.
When is this going down? I'd have to know specifics(date,time,cost,etc.) before I could commit to this. It sounds awesome.

It's up in the air at the moment but he said that if there's enough interest, he'll break away from his busy activities to come see us.
So no specific date/time but sounds like he could be quite flexible and come this spring/summer.

Corvettes of Westchester is in Ossining New York and sounds like it's a very busy affair.
He does workshops and visits several times a year.

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