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Feb 27, 2014
2019 Z06
Hey guys, just wondering how many of you guys are going to be taking your C7's to the Drag strip this year? Its a real awesome time! Can't wait until it opens up again
NACOC Northern Alberta Corvette Owners Club is having 40th annual Corvette Convention August long weekend and they will be track racing there. I'm driving in for the event, should be a blast…..WHO ELSE IS GOING TO SHOW UP:canada:

Stratotech closed down so i guess that means Castrol now for driving events. The road course is better now that it is full... will see this summer what they are doing with barricades

web site link for anyone interested.

Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs - Western Region

Taking some time off driving events.,,,,
I hope to be in the Okanagan jet skiing on the long weekends this summer. :)
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