Hello everyone

This is my first post! From the time I saw a C2 at an auction when I was eight years old, I have wanted one. Now at 44, I recently bought a 1966 coupe 327/350 4spd. It has an aftermarket Holley on it that is far too large. In addition, it is leaking fuel all over the intake, so I don't even want to risk driving it. I would like to find a stock or stock-style carb that is the correct one for this engine. Would love OEM, with correct date code, if it isn't too expensive. Does anyone have something like this, or know where I can get one?

Thanks in advance for your help. Looking forward to getting to know all of you on here.

Well, first off, I have to say, welcome to the forum!!!!!

Looking for parts for a '66? Before we can answer, I would have to request that you post pictures! We love pictures and would love to see your car! Sounds like a beaut!

I have a 650 single pumper Holley off my 66 Chevelle but could not tell you anything related to stock appearance or date codes. I have pictures if you are interested.

There are not many C2 owners on this forum which is a shame. I would LOVE it if we could get more. Your best bet would be to send a PM to owners on here if you notice they own a C2 and ask if they could look around for you. Other places to check would be ebay and the Kijij.

On a side note, I grew up with my dad owning a '65 vert. Boy I wish he never sold that car. It was gorgeous! I love the C2's.
if you can't find what you are looking for as per nos style, try the edlebrock carb easy to install and set up. i used one on my old cuda and the perfomance was great as well as reliability.
I have a 2818 carb. its was on my 64 -solid lifter 365 hp car. I know it was used in the 64/65, 350 and 365 hp cars. not sure if it was used for a 66. I think they are a 600 CFM with vacume secondary's. It will need a rebuild, been sitting for a couple years.
Have a 1966 Laguna Coupe with a 427 L-36 but this beefy 941 block has just a lil baby holley 3367 which is 327 corvette carburetor and is probally a match for his 327 corvette engine...

I need a bigger carb for my 427 which i'm very close to start on the restoration on now...
let me know if you manage to contact him
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We don't get many C2's around and now your going to tease us with your avitar pic?????

Come on, quit teasing.....
Ya, but its still a great picture tho
My favorite but I just uploaded the max allowed to my account... heres a couple more... fun with bubbles...


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I just took these two pictures just now...
She is a beauty and a one of a kind.

Only 2054 laguna blue cars were ever made but this one is a 427 big block coupe with factory air... Its probably the only one like it


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