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Feb 28, 2011
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I don't expect a lot of answers on this :D I have a grandson who is real special to me .He is the kind of kid that would make anyone proud to have .Any way he will be going to college next year and would like to consider Canadian colleges .He is heavy into Lacrosse and football and would like to pursue a career in business sports .I've looked online at Ontario ,note he only speaks English and a little Swedish .

Canadian colleges are far less expensive than here in the states and I'd like to see him get a little way out of the nest .

Any thoughts ?
Ontario Universities

I think what you call colleges, we call universities. There is Queen's in Kingston http://www.queensu.ca/, University of Toronto http://www.utoronto.ca/ , and Western University, London http://www.uwo.ca/ . There is also Trent University in Peterborough about 15 miles from where we live. I don't know how each of these are involved in sports but you could find out on their web sites. There is Dalhousie University in Halifax , Nova Scotia http://www.dal.ca/ and University of British Columbia, Vancouver http://www.ubc.ca/. There are others around as well. These are just a few that I know of.
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Elf, for what it is worth, I am a graduate of Western University in London Ontario. I have a 4 year Honours BA degree in Sports Administration and I also have my MBA majoring in Marketing and Finance. While I am a little long in the tooth to be giving advice on universities, I will share with you that my wife and I have put 3 nieces through university, 2 at Western and the last one at York university in Toronto. They are all excellent schools but my 2 nieces that attended Western still rave about their time and learning experience while they were there. Western's business school is fashioned and closely aligned to Harvard. Hope this helps in some way. By the way, there are some excellent universities that are on our east coast that are considerably closer to you than those here in Ontario. PM me if you want some extra input on those as I also can provide first hand info. on a couple of them too.
Thanks ,more info than I expected .My grandson and I will start to Google what you folks have presented and I may need to follow up with PM's
sorry steve, i just made it about a third of the way through tenth grade. :rofl:
Not everyone is designed to be an academic and there have are many people who are more adapt to develop a skilled trade .

Kids today don't seem to want to get a little dirty or train for blue collar skilled jobs .There are hundreds of jobs available as machinist ,tool and die and welding .

Success is doing something you love that provides enough income so that someday ya can own a Corvette .
So true Elf. There are people with academic aptitude and those with mechanical aptitude. In some cases, people are blessed with both. I was on the mechanical side, certainly not academic. We are thankful for the good living that the tool and die trade gave us. I would struggle in an office. I did group leader and foreman work in the tool room for a while but it wasn't for me. I spent the last 13 years of my career on the floor where I belonged. Back in the '60s blue collar was a dirty word too. The teachers were all academics and didn't seem to understand that some of us were mechanically inclined or that this category existed. My guidance teachers were pushing me to go to university. That would have been a quick path to failure. An aptitude test would have shown us where we excelled and we could have been steered on a better path. Many schools don't even have the shop wing any more, just academic. It was my machine shop teacher that got some of us lined up to apply for trades apprenticeships. I thank him often.
For a tenth grader, Doug has done pretty well for himself. Everyone else should be so successful.
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Really in Canada it doesn't matter. If it's an actual university, the outcome will be what they make it. There's no magic bullet school unlike Ivy League schools in the states. They're all pretty good here.

I do recommend having anyone go through university away from home though--it makes for a much better life-experience.

Good Luck!
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