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Oct 29, 2013
Brighton, ONTARIO
2014 2LT
Does anyone know if the motors that are blowing up are Z51's only? There seems to be a fair bit of them on the "other" forum.

I have 5k on my car and am going to the dealer for an oil change on Monday. This news makes me a tad nervous :eek:

Just wondering if anyone has heard it is due to the dry sump or not.
I found about 14 different cars. It is kind of consuming me at the moment. Its likely nothing to worry about but I am doing some research.

I am sure we can all appreciate some "good" feedback

Why worry about it , you have a 5 yr , 160k km power train warranty. In my case I have 7 yrs as I bought an extended warranty. Bound to be some issues with a new engine. Remember there are probably 40k or more out there, these are also going in trucks so GM will have to figure it out. It's not like were driving airplanes that could fall out of the sky. So far I have read it seems to be the Z51's but I'm not sure that is the case for all. I do feel better that I changed my oil and filter at a 1000 miles. Hard to know if this is machining contamination when they build them or it is coming off the parts as they mesh in a new engine, might well be a supplier issue such as bearings. GM will certainly be on it.

I remember about 15 yrs or so ago when Ford came out with their Triton engine I was in the Windsor engine plant and there were probably a 100 or more motors on the floor, all tagged and being inspected. Those were all failures the first year out on a new design, shipped back for strip down and diagnosis. I myself had a engine replaced on a new 99 Ford Winstar after 5k, it was not a Triton engine though.
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Agree Smack, the numbers don't seem a big deal. However when Car and Driver magazine suffers two failures in their cars it sure makes it seem like a big deal, that is very odd or should I say it defies the odds. Time will tell if their is a significant issue underlying all this or just the regular failure rate at work. Meantime it's GM's dime if it I need a new engine so screw it I'll just drive it like I always and get the oil changes on schedule to maintain the warranty.
Good point Wyatt,
I think I will get back work.

Smack I am sure that there are more than 14. Of the 40,000 built not everyone will report on a forum about a warranty issue. That is likely a sample.

Non the less, I am not going to loose sleep.
I wonder what the computers in these cars say as far as peak rpm during their short lives. The number blowing up is well within the range of the percentage of fools that are allowed to drive them. I wouldn't be worrying at all with these failure rates. Take fools out of the equation and the number blowing up would be nearly none. The number is less that .04% which is considerably better than Porsche and Mercedes. Pretty darned good numbers I would say. The news people are on a roll pointing out every GM recall. On this one, they are trying to make news where there is none.
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Folks, there is no denial that there have been blown engines with the C7. A thread was started on CF and within a day there were 3 blown engines by posters on that thread. As well, there is another that 'apparently' had it prepped for track, had it blow at the track and has had little success getting assistance from GM. There are yet others that deal with the engine, all 14/15's. One guy on CF had his car replaced and then posted piks of the torn apart engine of his new car. Another was at a stop light, the light turned green, he accelerated and the engine blew. These are all 'in addition to' the Car and Driver engine(s) that blew.

Am I concerned? Well... to me, the biggest concern is how we seem to class a blown motor in a new car in with recalls which is being done everywhere. This is what seems to be transpiring and the answer in many of the threads is to compare GM recalls to other vehicles. I want to feel comfortable when I take a trip down south knowing there arent any problems with my engine, expecially after buying a 100K car.

Right now... I will just see how the threads fan out and pray they dont keep growing as they seem to be on other sites. At least I have until next Spring to watch how this model year pans out. If it is a problem of concern...we will all know soon enough I think.

Hows them Apples considering that the forums is nothing more than a small reflection of total ownership.

Oh and for you engine nuts...see the piks on the last link of the dismantled engine.
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My car is slated for some minor mods, headers, new air filter and plug wires in 2 weeks at Manny's. I hope this is not a sign on things to come, whether the engine has some monir work done to it or not. Fingers crossed:eek:
There are a lot of trolls working the U.S threads regarding blown engines and used C7's for sale. Someone seems to have a campaign on against the C7. It isn't unusual for business to hire firms to slag competitors products on the net. Don't be surprised that this is the case. It seems to much of a coincidence that there are a bunch of these all at once, doubt it has very much to do with the C7 itself someone is attacking the product. Don't believe everything you read on the net there is cash being paid for both positive reviews and negative reviews by firms, just part of modern marketing game.

Promotional Reviews: An Empirical Investigation of Online Review Manipulation
Agree totally which is why I stated that it is worthy of watching and nothing more. The one thread I quoted I would believe there is something fishy with, considering that it is the leading response thread on CF and the OP doesnt answer any questions but to bait other questions and disappear. I just believe it is worthy of noting is all....definitely not worthy of second guessing my purchase just yet...
I agree, but also those clowns were posting like crazy and in hours there were 30 or 40 new posts. The guy was a 70 year old doctor looking for advice. I did notice he went on once a day and replied to people. Another member was at the track and saw his car.

I was at the dealer yesterday to have my spoiler put on and an oil change and the dealer indicated I had nothing to be concerned about. Like I said I am not losing any sleep.
You may have a point; I may be just a bit questionable is all. I was the first to state exactly what you did about him being new to the net, older in age and just looking for help... Liker so many others, however, I guess my age got to me and now wonder why he hasnt returned but, looking at the post...I might not return as well.
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