I'm usually very slow to come around to a new body style, but when I first saw the new C6 body style, I liked it right away. I never remotely thought that we would ever own one having two Chevelles, an el Camino and a 455 Lemans Sport to play with. How things change. After 10K miles of fun driving this summer, we are still thoroughly enjoying the car and hopefully will get a lot more years of use out of it. Fourteen years from now, I will be 80 and you older guys know how quickly the years fly by. :driving:
That is really interesting. I don't think this is the new C7 from seeing other videos....however, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's unveiled early next year! I expect some people to love it and others to hate it.
If this is the C7 then I am happy with our C6. :( I think it is just a prototype that has been around for a while.
From Russia with Love | CTV News

You must have been hiding under some rocks for the past several years. That Stingray prototype was the car they used in Transformers 2. For Transformers 3, they cut off the roof. :ack:

These are the spyshot images of the new C7 so far.
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Before the '68 Corvette came out, they had the Mako Shark which was very much like the '68. I just hope this isn't something of the same idea. I doubt it very much but you never know. Just so you know, I'm quite comfy under my rock and you can't come in, so there. :D
How's this for a look at the possible new Vette?

Any more pics of that car Area Z51? I can see a lot of "borrowed" design elements from other supercars in it. It does look interesting.

And oh yeah. Nice T&A. It's amazing what some people can do with a pen.
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