Same price as the people south of us and $8,000 cheaper than the 2013!? That is crazy!! Get it in writing! I'm sure he must have quoted the US price or else that is quite the deal for us Canadians!
I'm fortunate that I buy from a dealer in New Hampshire where I can pay Invoice and keep any incentives .I pay no sales or use tax .BUT because of the new series I'll have to wait for the 2015 to make the deal .

I thought under NAFDA that Canadians get to pay the same price as in the US
In '03 the Canadian dollar was under $0.75 US, once we hit par the "reasons" became, market size, labour costs etc. etc. It's not just cars either.

Yup any excuse seems to work here..........when it gets old they dream up a new one. Kinda the same with rising fuel costs.........first we burn more fuel in the winter cause its cold ..........raise the we burn more fuel in the summer cause more people are traveling....raise the price ect ect...........
My 60th Anniversary Z06 was six figures.......base price was $88K plus $13K in options (plus tax).....I know the same car south of the border was $82K.....a $20K would have been political suicide not to buy my car locally.....I just dropped my pants and bent over and hung on to my ankles.....
NAFTA just means we don't have to pay duty on anything made in North America. Somehow when something crosses the boarder, prices jump dramatically. (Snow tax perhaps? :rofl:) It seems like when our dollar tanked in the 70's, we just got used to paying more for stuff than the folks south of the boarder.
I am looking at purchasing a condo in the States, how long do you need to own the car before you can bring it across the boarder without paying the tax?
What tax are you referring to? If it is HST and PST, you will still be paying that when you bring her into the country.
The sticker price is $20 to $25 k higher in Canada , then add 13%.
Check out Kerbeck Corvette and see those prices.
In Fla the tax is only 8%.
Funny enough the prices of used Vettes are not too far off used ones here, as I am looking both here and in Fla for a car.
Another example is tires for a C 6.
Goodyear here wants $2700 and Tire Rack wants $1532 before taxes.
You can have them delivered to the border then pay HST only, and you save a lot of money.
I have no issue with the taxes , but I do with the difference in US to CDN prices to start with.
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