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Jul 21, 2012
Clinton Ontario Canada
Possible C7?...... I searched C7, and couldn't find the items posted....
This photo, is a possible car.... I must say I could live with this, if I had too... Since I got my 2000 C5 in 2012......I won't be getting a C7 til 2025

Yeah It's ok -- really what's not to like I guess ,, but I wish they hadn't Camaro-ized the rear like that.......That's the one constant I"ve seen in all the spy photos... that rear -- for me too much like a Camaro.

Oh well -- I'm quite happy with my C6 so I won't be changing anyway.
I totally agree Colin. The rest of it looks nice. If I was to upgrade myself I'd be looking at a C6 anyway. I wonder what the pricetag is going to be.

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The front end certainly has a mean look to it. However, I could see the Camaro copying Corvette features but not the other way around. To me those lights don't do anything for the Camaro. Whatever, we'll have to wait until the new year to see what the car is really going to look like. I'm surprised someone in the plant hasn't snapped a picture with their cell phones. Of course, it might just be a career ending picture with GM. :seeya:
I don't know about Carl, but in 2025, I'll be 79. Might just stick to the one we have. ;)
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I agree with Colin's assessment. I would prefer if the tail lights were kept separate and roundish. If the Corvette came out first and then the Camaro used it's tail lights, that would be one thing but it always looks bad when a new design uses the components of "cheaper" cars.
When you mention Camaro (I had a 2010 2SS/RS) and this is a de-rail ... Every notice that every Camaro, looks like its painted two shades on the sides?? Because of the rear fender kickout ..... I hate that............ p.s my next used Corvette (if a C7) in 2025 would make me 76 lol
Have to agree, that backend .........well I'm not feeling it!! Guess I'm not a fan of all the sharp body lines either (one of the reasons I searched for a low mileage C5). Hey its a nice looking vette if it comes like that....I'm just stuck in a more classic era. If I get another vette it will probably be a C3.
We were looking at a silver Camaro and first impression was that it looked like a total colour mismatch. Had the body contour gradually changed before or after the door to quarter gap, it wouldn't have looked so bad. The styling people miscued on that one. A part of the design work "IS" to work with light and how it hits a car.
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