Wow! and in Tony's and Garry's colour combo too.........:D

and to please me: an 8 speed auto YAY!!!!!!!

.........damn it -- now I want one even more.

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so they named it after Manny...

Hahah! I noticed that too!

Seems like with this Z06, you get your cake and can eat it too! Auto, if you want an auto (and does it ever sounds like it shifts fast!) and a removable roof for those open air people!

I really wish they actually showed the cars while the guys were talking instead of just the guys talking. If the car is more aerodynamic, show the parts that make this happen as he's talking, etc.... Oh well, there are going to be tons of pics over the next few days to drool over. And speaking of drool, over 625hp and 635 lb-ft of torque! Sweet baby that is a crap load of power!....with a warranty!
Your car is just as fast as the ZO6 Colin...No need to :D

Yet that is...:D

Not concerned about hp Peter -- With 615 at the wheels, it equates to over 700 at the crank -- I wouldn't want to sell my GS or C4 anyway -- I just want a C7 -- It's cram packed with new tech and lots of features I just love.

A third Vette? -- In a heartbeat if I can find the money and room.:D

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