2005 c6 corvette
Dec 12, 2020
Charlottetown pei
2005 corvette
Hey guys , I’m new here so forgive me if this is posted in the wrong spot or I’m doing something wrong. I seek help. I have a 2005 c6 corvette with a manual transmission. At the end of the summer I was driving to work and once I hit 3rd it felt off in the shift. Once I hit forth it grinded. So immediately I figured great my clutch is gone. Came to a stop and tried to put it into first , once I slowly pulled my foot off the clutch it started to jump and grind. So I put the clutch in and put it in neutral so I could push it to the side of the road. Once I had it in neutral I took my foot off the clutch and it started moving forward in a false gear ???? So I just shut it down. Once it’s shut down and put a neutral I can push it around. I am completely stumped to know if I have a transmission that’s gone a clutch that’s gone or a linkage that’s off. I’ve researched up and down and can’t find anybody with the same problem. If anybody has any advice or knows anything please let me know it would be greatly appreciated !!!!


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