1. W

    C5 Transmission Leak

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. Been reading lots of the great info and threads. Need some advice please. Background Info: Bought a one owner C5 in Jan. 3 of us took it for a test drive. 1 of us is a long vette owner. It was great. Salesman drove it 60 km to my mechanic to get it checked out. He was...
  2. Bizbiz911

    May I get some advice? Oil leak!

    Hello All, My Corvette is now in storage in my garage (Grand Sport 2019 with 16,300 KM). I bought a 4 post lift and put the car on it and lift it up to maximum. When I looked under the car I found a small oil leakage in the transmission area. I don't know if I should wonder about it or not...
  3. A

    2000 C5 MN6 transmission rebuild

    I've been having issues for a while.. first the clutch pedla gets stuck so i know the mater cylidner has to be replaced... second... the third and fourth gear are hard to get into, shifting overall in each gear (1st, reverse even) takes effort... but the third and fourth, well now third gets...