Go buy 4 hockey pucks 4 large eye bolts with
nuts 4 fender washers and 4 anchors that are steel with a flat bottom
Drill a hole in the puck and put the nut and washer on the eye bolt.
screw it into the anchor on the bottom of the puck and tighten
Lock the bolt against the washer and there is your pads.
e mail me at bloordale @kos.net for a picture
costs about $10 and it works well.
Keep them in the car just in case you need service on the road at a garage.
I Ordered these ones off eBay

If the hockey puck says made in Canada chances are it comes from Lindsay Rubber products in St. Catharines. The owner is my brother-in-law and I'm certain he appreciates the support. I'm certain he'd be pleased to know of the additional use for his product.
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