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Jan 21, 2012
2002 coupe
Hi Folks. I am in the market for a C6. There are some good deals out there right now on 05's. However having read a lot of very helpful comments on your forum it seems the 06 is a better choice as GM fixed a number of issues on the 05 and made some improvements (notably 6spd vs 4spd trannie).

Also some you indicated that the DBS (Dead Battery Syndrome) was finally fixed on the 06 model, which plagued some of the 05 models and which I suffered from on my C5.

Can you guys comment on this please. Also does it make sense to pay the extra $'s and move up to a 06, or go with a low mileage 05.

As always your comments will be most appreciated.
We have had an '05 with the six speed for a couple of summers now with no problems. GM hasn't had a four speed since the '80s. GM says to put the car in reverse, for the six speed, and apply the emergency brake when parking. This is supposed to shut things down and allows the memory seats to go to their exit position. If I shut our car off and don't put it in reverse, the DIC display will instruct me to do so. In drag race applications, the '05 differential is the weak spot. I don't know anyone personally who has had this problem and it probably won't be for most people. When we were looking for a Corvette, the advice was to buy the newest car that you could get that would fit into your budget. It's still good advice. Over the years, GM worked on problem areas such as using a more durable differential housing on the 2006 and newer cars. If I were buying a Corvette right now, I'd look for a 2006 or newer but if I got an exceptional deal on an '05, I wouldn't shy away from buying it. They are good cars too. If you plan on doing a lot of drag racing, with a factory built car, then expect to break something. If you are going racing regularly, then build a race car.
The Auto went from 4 spd. to 6 spd. in '06.

From what I've read, for the average buyer the '05's are just fine, but the '06 has a few updates and a little stronger rear end.

I personally wouldn't shy away from an '05 if the mileage was low and price good.

Good luck with you hunt Ron.

I guess I have stick shift on the brain and wasn't thinking of the four speed automatic. Might be one more reason to go with the '06 if you are leaning towards an automatic. Perish the thought. My wife and I have been stick shift people for so long that we nearly fall asleep when driving our Olds LSS. :sleep:
Tks for the responses everyone. I guess it comes down to budget and the best bang for your buck. I think, based on all the info I am leaning towards finding a good deal on a 6sp 05.

Stay away from Courtesy Chev in Toronto I had a bad experience when buying there..
Other than that enjoy your search, this is a great time to be buying as prices are lower.
You will enjoy the people on this Forum, as they all want to help each other.
We bought our 2005 on Kijiji. If nothing else, Kijiji gives you a good idea of prices and what is out there. Dealers seem to always want top dollar. If you are careful, there are lots of good private deals. Take your time and you can get to colour you want, stick or automatic and the options you like. The key is to never fall in love with any one car and take your time. If you fall in love with the looks, you might just overlook all the hidden problems. It pays off in the long run.
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