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May 21, 2010
Nanaimo BC
2002 convertible
It is not the real one but not as hard on the wallet :D Not having any luck on selling my C5 convertible so selling this instead.
2003 C5R #53 r/c that I got several years as a gift before I got my 02 convertible. It is in mint condition with no scrapes, damage, chips etc. as I only test drove it in the house. Radio control cars are not my thing so it has been sitting in the closet since I got it. As you can see in the pic`s it is the Ron Fellows 53 car which is fairly rare. Included is a 6 volt Ni-Cd battery and charger along with a adaptor pack for AA batteries that powers the car. I seem to have misplaced the box but do have the instructions. No suspension like the expensive racing models but does have wheel alignment and smooth or rough surface option selector. 15 inches long, 7 inches wide and 4 inches in height. All the decals are in excellent condition as well.
$100 plus the shipping or come and get it in Surrey B.C.
I will be out of the country on a cycling adventure for most of Feb so may not answer your pm until I get back.


Looks really good! Are you going to take that to the MUDD meets Colin?:D

I'm sure he will Riley; but not until he gets it to Manny to do some modds......

LOL guys -- of course Manny will work his magic on it.....I can't wait to have a little scream around Timmies parking lot and terrorize the customers............

then I'll get the r/c out and really have some fun. :rofl:

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