Nov 13, 2009
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2008 4LT convert
Manny et al, i know you guys love your C5's but do you think they are better than C6's, i'm still looking, having trouble deciding which way to go and right now 2005's are about the same price as 2004's car for car. Been reading about foibles on the C6's and there seems to be more gremlins in them, like the power tops and windows not working ! Just want to make sure i buy the right car for me...i really like the '04 Commemoratives and will likely buy automatic as my wife will be driving it more than me....i'll stick with my '65...thx guys
I have a C5 Its a good car but i had the steering column lock message even though had the recall done.Manny put me on to the clb (column lock bypass)no more issues
thanks and yes i've been reading about the clb problem, i let my friend with an ' 03 know about the bypass, haven't seen your car around town yet do you go to the A&W on Wed. nights? Our Corvette club will be there doing the 50/50 draw this Wed. come on down and meet us
To ask, "is the C6 a better car than the C5?" Is probably not quite the issue. I would offer that there is no way that GM de-evolved or took engineering out of the car. It seems that you might be wondering what people like about their C5's and what people like about their C6's???

Anyhow, I will just offer my $0.02 anyhow. I like my C5 cause it seems as comfortable as a C6 (for me) but still has a rough around the edges feel. The C6's pedigree seemed to drive towards being more of a better all round "car".

Some corvette guys also feel that a vetter should have pop-up headlights LOL
The C5 has the classic hideaway headlight which some prefer. In some ways I like the C5 interiors over the C6. Can't argue with the increased HP in the C6's if you don't want to modify anything. When we got our C5, I stood behind it with my wife and asked "Isn't that a great looking ass?" She laughed and agreed!

I think any year has it's mechanical or other issues, so it's just what you prefer, and it could come down to, headlights exposed, or hidden!
I have a 2003 z06. I did drive a 2007 c6. In my experience i did like the look of the back end better in the c6's but like the front end better in the c5's. I personally like the c5's interior better. No instrumentation on the steering wheel and an actual door handle inside and outside of the car. The c5 also has storage in the back trunk which is nice to store things like cleaning stuff or if you want to put a couple subs in the middle spot it's great. Depends what you want. The c6 is newer and if you want to keep up with everyone else that would be the way to go. I think if you went with a commemorative c5 that would be the best decision for the c5. Especially the Z06, but if you wanted a c6 i'd go with a convertible. I really like the c6's in the convertible. They look awesome. Sounds like your just a cruiser. I'd go with the c6 convertible for you. Me i like the speed so i'd go with the new ZR1 if i could but my Z06 is good enough for now. I hope this helps you make a better decision. Let us all know what you decide.
thanks for the input guys, it's very helpful..gotta agree about the interiors in the C5's although i like the red/black interior combination in the C6's......i will let you know what we come up with, she has to help because it will be "her" toy :D
thanks for the input guys, it's very helpful..gotta agree about the interiors in the C5's although i like the red/black interior combination in the C6's......i will let you know what we come up with, she has to help because it will be "her" toy :D
sweet looking vet tayman1975, one of our club members is out in the Lloyd right now visiting his daughter and grandchildren...small world!
thanks for the input guys, it's very helpful..gotta agree about the interiors in the C5's although i like the red/black interior combination in the C6's......i will let you know what we come up with, she has to help because it will be "her" toy :D

Maybe you haven't seen the red/black in the c5's??? LOL Check out my album!! I don't think I'm helping any more though :D
C5 vs the C6. Constant battle I've been having for years now.

As far as the C5 goes... I love the fact that people still think it a brand new car. I love the longer and wider stance it has over the C6, and the pop up headlights. Plus to me, the exterior lines and the interior is much more appealing to me, but the thought of a newer, more refined and better powered C6 is tempting.

My problem is this...

1) I have moded my car to sound awesome to me ears and enough to beat out stock LS3 powered C6s in the quarter mile.

2) I would want to do basically the same mods to a newer C6... but do I want to reinvest all that cash.

3) I would want an 09 LS3 with F55 and the 4LT package with either the Ebony or the Ebony/Dark Titanium custom leather-wrap package. Can I even find one in an exterior colour I want at a decent price point taking into account the mods I would want to do?

No, not at this point. My C5 is exactly where I want it to be in every conceivable way. Why give it away for less than it's worth to me and pay a lot more for a car I make not like as much? Plus every C6 I have driven has had MANY squeeks and rattles where mine is pretty damn quiet for a car that's 9 years old. One day in the near future I may consider a 2011 Grand Sport.
from talking to many different owners of C5andC6 vehicles I would say the best reason is the mileage in the mid 30 on the highway of the C5 compared to the mid 20 of the C6 . Otherwise just a personal choice, by the time you do decide Chev will come out with another style then you can choose between 3 styles , lol.Go with the gut as eventually they all break down .
I Love them both.

Every generation has changes that people like or dislike.
The C6 is more refined than the C5. The C6 has the latest technology advancements, more power, more options, exactly what you want and expect in a newer car.

I think it would be hard to call one model better than the other.

I love the styling of the C5, The fat Butt, the pop up head lights, everything about the car other than the seats. My C4 seats seemed allot better than the seats in the C5.

In a couple of years or sooner I will move to a C6.
I think the C6 looks like it's going 150 mph standing still.

I work in a never ending / changing fast paced technology atmosphere.
So this draws me to newest, latest, more advanced items weather it be a Car, TV, or whatever.

I also think and hope that the C5 will be worth more money on resale before the C7 comes along, since it will still be only one generation apart.
This is part of my planning when switching Vettes or Bikes. This way I can keep the net dollar difference to a minimum.

I know one thing. These things are made to be driven & I love to drive my Vette, regardless of the generation.:canada:
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Can't loose with either. I was drawn to a C5 as it was less expensive than a 6 but as price is not the case, I'm not sure what to tell you. I would suggest driving both so you can get an idea how each feels.
thanks again guys...the hunt is on for an '04 Commemorative Convert as my first choice, missed a beauty in Michigan with 8,000 miles on it for 22k... :mad: I'm sure mines out there somewhere, i'm willing to travel
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