May 21, 2010
Nanaimo BC
2002 convertible
Thinking, repeat, thinking about selling my low miles (17,000km) 02 TR vert to fund the purchase of a 65 coupe. What should I look out for? Not into performance or have huge amounts of spare cash laying around so a 4 speed, sb, no air, no pwr windows car would work. Stickler for originality so numbers matching a must. What kind of dollars would put one of these in my garage?
This one is local but seems kind of pricey for what it is or maybe I don`t really know?
1965 Corvette Coupe

Thanks for the comments.
With how the market used to be, for a really good Camaro, you were looking at 45+ and C2's were pushing mid 60's (no pun intended). Now with the economy things are settling out. The price is not too bad. C2's were in the 50K range 10 years ago. I have not kept up on current prices but I image there should be a lot of C2's in the price you are looking at right now. If I were looking for one, I am biased. I would get the same that my dad had, a 65 convertible with a 365hp 327, side pipes, 4-speed, etc. That car sounded awesome and I can still remember the smell of that exhaust in our garage.

As for buying a C2 in general, it depends if you are looking for another toy. Your 02 can be used as a daily driver, it gets great mileage, has A/C for those hot days (I guess the top does come off) and is as fast as any C2. The C2 on the other hand is not as reliable, will use a lot more fuel, can be taken on longer trips but won't be as comfortable as it lacks cruise control and sound deadening. You can't beat the style of a C2 (my favorite) and it should always keep it's value. So it really depend on how you want to use it.

That is my 3 cents.
Thaks Riley. My thoughts are to sell the C5 and the C2 would be another fairweather car. Kind of leaning towards a coupe at the moment.
I am in no position to have both and since the C5 is not a daily driver it would not be an issue.
I love C2's. I hope to add one to the stable one day.

I guess the best thing to do is to check out auto trader and ebay to see what others are selling theirs for to gauge the pricing. I don't think you can go wrong either way you go.

Hopefully someone else can chime in on what to look for or how the price looks so you get a second opinion.
Wow!!! Lots of window shopping and research has come up with a few interesting points.
1. Real emphasis on big block or fuelie cars
2. All the good ones are for sale at dealers... at a premium
3. More roadsters then coupes which is to be expected with the production numbers
4. Lots of high/overpriced cars in my opinion
5. Lots of N.O.M. cars
6. Lots of modded cars or far from stock
7. Most sellers are heavy on the " best one out there" selling feature
8. Alot of cars seem to come up constantly on search in many places and have been for sale for a loooonnnnggg time! So either they are overpriced or not desireable?
I know that I am not going to get one for nothing and would be more then willing to pay a decent price but really, some people need to give there head a shake.
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