Black 03 Z06

Black 03 Z06

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Oct 30, 2013
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2003 Z06
Not a lot of activity on this CCF Forum Thread but we know there are some out there. So tell us about your Corvette and what you have done with it and your future plans.

Stories and pictures would be great, would love to hear what you have been up to with your C1 or C2 Corvette!! What is the aftermarket like for these very special cars. Beauties indeed!
Have a '60 with removable hard top. Yvette is a resto-mod. Front discs, 5 Speed, all front end and leaf springs, just completed her complete repaint, White seats with black interior and all. - We hand stripped, painted by Grass Roots Rod and Custom - Colour is now 2015 Blue My Mind. Just struggling getting door panels to fit right, She will not be a trailer queen, 60K Miles. Loved by a dear friend since 1985 and we have taken up the challenge to make Roy proud. For me the hardest was the dash pad - My DH says it is an arts and craft project so it fell to me. Coming along and hope to have her on the road in the next few weeks. There are many, many hours of hands by Randy (DH). Many struggles, install - doesn't fit right, take apart, install again - several oil pans - don't like DAP - so many things - documentation is a struggle even with manuals, other owners advice and a great GM mechanic to advise.


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I agree Black 03 Z06. Would love to see Nelsongrc's '60 when it's done. The body style of that series just exude the open road/wind in your hair driving experience.

On my '67, the three modifications I've made are the slotted Aluminum wheels, the Vintage Air A/C system and a Silver Sport Tremec 5 spd transmission. The 5 spd works out perfect for Interstate driving. As far as future plans … just to drive it as often as I can on nice days and hit as many Cars & Coffee events as I can.

Pic was taken in May of 2020, at local Chevy Dealership, while waiting for it's first alignment after a complete body-off reconditioning.
Thanks to everyone on this forum, it was featured as Media of the Month back in 2020, where I gave a lot more history of the car and it's transformation from near death to back on the road again.
Owned my 65 for over 25 years decided to spice it up a bit.
Fresh paint, new custom interior, LED inside and out,
450 hp 383 Blueprint Stroker,
TKO 600 5 speed, 470 ft lbs torque, B/B Hood, A/R 17” wheels, Sidepipes connected to a 3” exhaust with Maga Flows and Quick Time electric cut outs. Compost rear spring and QA1’s all around
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Not my C1 but can’t resist mentioning my next door neighbour’s 1958 resto-mod. He belongs to the local Corvette club but not these Forums. He just had a new-in-crate LT3 engine installed (he tells me: one of 3 left in North America) along with new tires and whatever else it needed mechanically. He let me drive it yesterday and what a hoot! Pic below.

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