Now that's what I like, a cruise night on the grass. Really nice on those hot summer nights. Wiarton is the same way. Thanks for posting the pics.
I was told that there were 184 cars out last night. I think 212 was the record but that has cars parked in the aisles. On the grass and having shade trees makes for a great venue. The Lions club do an excellent job of barbecuing the food. The fifty-fifty was something like $467. That would buy a lot of extra gas for cruising. :driving:
In the last picture are two of my old buddies, Ray on the left and Bob on the right. When I asked Ray if he would like to go to a cruise night, he jumped at the idea and got in and out of the Corvette amazingly well. Being a car guy, Ray knew quite a few people at the cruise and had no lack of people stopping by to you can see. Ray has an old '20 Dodge coupe that needs restoring along with a lot of old hit and miss engines and the like. A very interesting guy and with a mind as sharp as a tack. Wish I was as sharp. :eek:
Thanks for the pics Doug. That is a mighty fine showing of Sharks. Also liking the red '66 convertible.
Looks like a great turnout. Perfect weather for cars and pictures. Hey. how did that Viper get in the middle of the vettes? Love the colors especially the orange and the 50th Anniversay red!
the viper belongs to a fella that lives near me,he brings it out occasionally but usually brings his drop dead gorgeous blue 73 rag top. there are pictures of john's 73 in some earlier posts. the 50th is tqrcr - dan who is also proudly displaying his forum shirt !!! :D
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