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Apr 23, 2012
Let's get some opinions here. Pretend you just got a bone stock C6.

What mods would you do? What order would you do them in (if you were me)? I'm not into the track (yet), but enjoy going fast, sounding good, and looking good! Right now cash is tight--just bought the car, and found out my Avalanche needs tires and struts. That electronic suspension makes the parts EXPENSIVE.:swear:

I want to do exhaust--right now more for sound, but eventually headers and X-pipe to squeeze some more power. Can I get the tips first and build from there? I'm worried about the size of the tubes etc.

Other than some Lloyd Jake mats and trunk liner, what interior mods do you recommend? THe leather arm rest looks cool! I also like the angel eyes headlights, or HID headlights and LED interiors. Anyone do any of these?

Manny can help you out! I would also troll the Corvette Central website to see if there are any goodies you want to add to your car. As for good starter mods, intake, headers, exhaust would be the first things I would look into.

Interior...I'm not to sure...I think you are on the right track.
VaraRam Intake, Exhaust, including larger tubing, headers, x-pipe, high flow cats, ECM/TCM tunes.

This will wake up that puppy very noticeably with at least 10% gain (at the wheels)

Manny can also help with suggestions on the interior options and lighting.

Be sure and post pics of your plans and progress.

Contact me :D

I think I can help you and I have enclosed transportation :canada:
First mods should always be intake (Vararam), and exhaust (American Racing long tube headers), a dead pedal mounted M2W controller, a 160 stat plus a tune to get the air in and out. Then I would go further and install some go faster parts. For me it was a PortWorks ported LS3 intake, 2800 Pro Torque, a Z06 3.42 diff, PFADT poly bushings and a tunnel plate to tighten up the chassis.

Once I got the performance I wanted, I focused on cosmetics. For the exterior I had the calipers powder coated in blue, had custom emblems made, did fill in rear bumper letters, installed HID and LED lighting (lows, fogs, DRLs, tail lamps), black headlamps, chrome front grille, had the rear diffuser painted a gloss black, did an exhaust plate with emblem removed, had the halo wrapped in a gloss black and had the windows tinted 15% all around. For the inside I installed a new Kenwood deck with Nave and a backup camera along with a new center console lid, Elite Engineering race pedals, Lloyd Jake logo mats (front and hatch area) plus added my most striking interior mod - LED lighting. What a dramatic affect!

Lastly to protect from stones chips, I had 3M clear protectant applied to the front bumper and lower portion of the hood.
exhaust lg super pro long tubes
Corsa extreme ehaust
Heads and cam package from Lg motorsports or West coat corvettes
Final Nitrous
Wouldn't even start to mod a vette again without going heads/cam. All the 1,000s spent on cat back exhaust for minimal gains should go against a cam/springs package in my opinion for real gains. Once the cam is in, you won't have to worry about getting a louder exhaust!!

I'm celebrating my first round of mods:

1. 3m ClearBra (done on hood and front quarters 24 inches up, front bumner, mirrors, and rockers

2. side-skirts--although I only got the front ones on--I couldn't find the right 8mm drill bit on the rear

Now, gotta get some front tires soon, and can then start thinking of performance mods (Vararam, exhaust interior LEDs, etc). Would like to get one more mod this summer, but cash is suddenly tight.
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