Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Wooooooooooo- hooooooooo! My favorite time of the year! (weather dependent). I'll be out Thursday night which seems like a great way to kick off cruise weekend! Who will be out Thursday? Anyone planning on attending the cruise on 8th Friday and Saturday? I am so pumped I can't wait!!!!

For anyone thinking of coming to Saskatoon this weekend, I should let you know that we try to park all our cars along 22nd street just off of 1st ave. If you have your car here and want a spot, let me know, we'll save one for you....or try our best to squeeze you in. If you have a Corvette or just like them and don't want to be in the show, come by and say hi!
I'll take lots of pictures! That would be awesome if you were able to make it out. We would be great to meet you and we could use a GS in our fleet of cars to show off! I don't think I have seen a GS in Saskatoon yet.

I strongly urge any of our Edmonton members to come out for cruise weekend, hint, hint Tony.
Rock on. I'll keep you posted on when I am heading out over the weekend or if you are heading out, send me a text! I just need to do a quick realignment on the headlights and hook up a switch for the terminators, then I'll be set!

Sounds good!!!! lets do that
can you post what event and where it is happening for the weekend? i thought the show/shine is sunday afternoon only, but i live in moose jaw and haven't seen anything
The show and shine starts at 11 downtown on Sunday and ends at 5. People are usually there by nine. Me and Fender have been there by 6am the past couple years to make sure we get the same spot at 22nd Street and 1st Ave. Hopefully we'll get the same place this year.

Rock 102 Cruise Weekend

There are a few official event and a couple unofficial ones such as cruising 8th street Friday and Saturday nights. If you want to see some awesome cars parked along 8th street because the police and SGI are being kill joys, come on out! However, there are rumors that they may shut down 8th street to let the old cars cruise. We'll see if anything remotely close to that happens.
Well, just because you sold your corvette doesn't mean you can't be on this website. In fact, we'll share our corvette with you :)
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