On two occasions recently I found my battery in my C5 coupe dead after a few days parked. I was told that I should park the car in reverse and this would avoid the problem. Is there any truth to this? Why would the battery drain if it is not parked in reverse? Puzzling. Doug :confused:
I can only confirm the situation from what I've read.
Strange indeed but yes it's a common story.

I would be a little doubtful about your battery. I don't see a good battery going dead like that so quickly. I'm betting your battery is an old one.

I've found with my car the battery keeps enough charge to start it for about 3 weeks. On week 4, it does start, but really hates turning over. I've never tried the reverse thing. I thought it was only the C6's that had this circuit killing feature.
I've actually noticed a small fluctuation (+/- 1V) in the voltage of the battery recently but I wasn't sure if it was just my battery gauge or maybe the ipod charging itself while the car was off but i will definitely give reverse a try and see if that changes anything
Mine fluctuates too. I varies between 13.9 and 14.6 volts depending on state of charge, accessory usage, and temperature. Mine seems to charge at a lower rate in hot conditions.

So far so good with the new battery. I have been diligent about parking it in reverse and have noticed that the battery charges between 13.5 and 14 when running. This seems about normal.
On our 2005, the DIC tells you to put it in reverse. With our old Chevelles, you had to put it in reverse before you could take the key out of the ignition, so reverse comes naturally to me. That was part of the theft deterrent system back then. Putting these newer ones in reverse apparently does shut down electrical systems. Do this plus putting on the emergency brake shuts down all the chiming when you open the door.
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