Mar 23, 2009
1975 L-82
:mad: I have a back up Camera in my Limo and one in my Diablo, and they both suck!!!! They fuzz in and out for no aparant reason, turn on and off continuosly for the same unknown reason?!?:swear: Anyone else have issues or am I just an idiot that cannot follow instructions?:confused: (please don't answer that!!:rofl:)...seriously though, any ideas?
There must be a problem with your cams.
I have a back up cam in my f150, works awesome and is great for backing up to hook on to trailers ect.. I would not own another truck without one now.
The only problem I have with mine is if the sun is shining just right on it you really cant see anything
I have had the exact same experience as Vette1 my F150's back up camera is the best add on I think auto makes have come up with in a while! I am guessing though that you are thaliking about Canadian tire do it yourself back up cams. Those I dont know anything about.

I put one on my Town Car and it works great. Just have to clean the lens once and a while. :canada:

If it's wireless that could be the problem, I did a lot of reading before installing mine and all of the reviews came back negative for the wireless type. It is comparable to a factory install.
got one in the Avalanche, only problem is if someone is in the car behind you it scares them thinking you're gonna hit 'em cause you tend to get closer than normal, but it works great!
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