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WN Jeff

Wilson Niblett Jeff
Feb 15, 2020
Richmond Hill
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2020 Corvette Mid
The 22 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 3LT Coupe B2K 35th Anniversary Edition in my eyes is worth every penny and I think Callaway knocked this one out of the park! The Double -D Exhaust sounds insaine (Video does not fully capture the rumble) and the centre stack just looks proper.

Let me know your thoughts?

Corvette Stingray 3LT Coupe B2K 35th Anniversary Edition build information


GA7 - Hypersonic grey metallic
DUB - Sterling silver full length dual racing stripe package
J6E - Calipers, edge yellow-painted
Z51 - Z51 performance package
ZYC - Carbon flash metallic-painted outside mirrors and spoiler
FE4 - Suspension, z51 performance with magnetic selective ride control
E60 - Front lift adjustable height with memory

HT7 - Sky cool grey/strike yellow, napa leather seating surfaces with perforated inserts
3M9 - Seat belt colour, yellow
36S - Yellow custom leather stitch

B2K 35th Anniversary Edition Standard Equipment
Callaway Carbon Front Splitter
Callaway Carbon Rocker Panel Extensions
Callaway Carbon Slot Gap Rear Spoiler
Callaway Carbon Diffuser Assembly
Callaway Double-D Exhaust System
Callaway Forged C8 Corvette Wheel Set Ceramic Polished
Callaway Anodized Door Sill Panels
Callaway Embroidered Floor Mats
Callaway Billet Pedal Pad Set
Callaway Serialized Interior Build Placard
Callaway Exterior Badging
Callaway Corvette Car Cover

296814957 3324315851148137 5296498112773087553 n292127158 590009369233944 5229880507386541963 n297400210 1707646819628579 2706312762986273051 n293580832 3261414270839019 7806191136330773390 n293591877 586043869691220 2240392188200542140 n297836667 372672718360169 4592306059110797490 n
When you add up all the pennies, what was the price out the door...
I guess I know I can get the interior I want. That's exactly what I was hoping to order if I ever get an allocation!
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