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  1. WN Jeff

    E-Ray will debut 01.17.23

    Corvette just confirmed Via their Instagram account that the E-ray will debut 01.17.23 Hopefully the link below works.
  2. WN Jeff

    B2K 35th Anniversary Edition Callaway Corvette Coldstart and final pics

    The 22 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 3LT Coupe B2K 35th Anniversary Edition in my eyes is worth every penny and I think Callaway knocked this one out of the park! The Double -D Exhaust sounds insaine (Video does not fully capture the rumble) and the centre stack just looks proper. Let me know...
  3. 2023


    This could be a photo of my watch... or it could be
  4. WN Jeff

    Spy shots of Hybrid Corvette E-Ray Interior

    There are a lot of questions and out there regarding the future C8 Hybrid... Will it have a front-mounted electric motor similar to the 2020 BMW i8? Could Gm detune the engine slightly and use the E-Ray's electric motors to give it some serious power? Would GM consider going full ham on...
  5. WN Jeff

    Announcement I want to feature your Corvette!

    Looking for a few good Vettes to be featured on an upcoming Corvette web series I am producing. It does not matter the Gen, Condition or where you bought it! If you have a Corvette and would like me to feature it on my web series please DM or email a few photos along with a little...
  6. WN Jeff

    Show 2020 Corvette Convertible Retractable Roof Demo

    Not a bad way to start your Saturday morning! Ladies and Gentleman for your viewing pleasure I proudly present a recent video I shot of the C8 Corvette Convertible with its Hardtop Retractable roof doing its thing! Full disclosure this is even more impressive in person and I can officially...
  7. Van ClearBra

    2020 C8 Corvette Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBra

    Just added a YouTube video of a full coverage rear fender installation on a white 2020 C8 Corvette. Please check it my channel and subscribe to my Vancouver ClearBra YouTube channel as will have many more videos added.
  8. WN Jeff

    Announcement First Phase Callaway C8 being finalized for production (We have allocation)

    It's not too late to place your order! Please message me directly for more information https://www.callawaycars.com/homepage/cars/callaway-corvette-c8-development-news/
  9. WN Jeff

    Here Are All The Future Corvette C8 Models & Variants

    GM Authority has released what they believe will be the complete C8 lineup and I must say that if this is correct ( And they are usually pretty accurate) then all hail the new King of the Corvette Lineup! Zora Zora Zora!!! Here is a link to their article, it's worth a read and please let me...
  10. WN Jeff

    Featured C8's in our Showroom

    AGAIN... it's not like I am saying - " Tomorrow would be a great day to pop into Wilson Niblett because we have two C8's in our showroom! Or wait did I AGAIN? Off to bed... think we might have a busy day tomorrow. Good night Canadian Corvette Forums
  11. WN Jeff

    Announcement Wilson - Niblett Showroom C8 photos

    I mean it's not like I am saying - " Tomorrow would be a great day to pop into Wilson Niblett because we have two C8's in our showroom! Or wait did I?
  12. nKuch

    Any Allocations left in Canada?

    I'm looking for some help from the community here, has anyone heard of any dealerships anywhere in Canada that have allocations? Willing to buy it and have the car shipped to me as long as I can get it early in 2020. Heck, I'd even buy an allocation off somebody looking to get rid of it. Any...