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Feb 14, 2009
Hello all
Just wondering if anyone out there paint their car before
I painted my 79 back about 15 years ago and now I am doing it again on my 76. I have it blocked to 600 and all the cosmetic issues taken care of but there might be some things I may not have thought of. any points or comments welcome
thanks in advance
Just painted my truck over Christmas, but unless you are going flat army green, I probably can't help. Flat colors are beautiful at hiding bodywork that you just do not want to perfect.:) Maybe smaller questions I can help, but since you already painted one car, I'm sure you've got er down...besides, I just wanted to post another picture of my truck.:rofl:

Sweet Turret. Still waiting on the letters and the star.

Well....what do you mean by all the cosmetic issues? All the body work is done? Such as the filler - sanding - light paint - sand to find the low spots, then filler - sanding - light paint - sand to find the low spots, then filler - sanding - light paint - sand to find the low spots....my fingers are starting to ache just thinking about it. If you are ready to paint, all I can think of is rust proofing. I found this great stuff called Rust Bullet that I used on the entire underside of the box, rear frame, door bottoms, rocker panels. It sounds like good stuff. It's like POR-15 except it displaces any moisture in the metal/rust first before it seals it. Stop the Rust | Rust Bullet, LLC.
all done

it was an adventure but it's done now here are a couple of pics more to follow


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Thanks the biggest hurdle was the ghost flames I practiced on several panels and then it took about 5 hours to mask and paint them but I think it turned out pretty well.
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