Isn't it easier to sit down and play? You're less likely to spill your drink! :)

Well I've tried that twice now and Mo has tried it once and so far, no, it hasn't been any easier. :confused:

Speaking of, where has Mo been lately? He's been awfully quiet on the other board and hasn't shown up here yet.
how about some track days ? its pretty cheap to rent the road course at cayuga, last year ( end of season ) price was as low as 1600 bucks for a full day. I can find out what the prices are like for the summer time and set it up, but it would have to be prepaid. id say we need at least 15-20 cars to make it cost friendly for a course such as cayuga. dont have to be all vettes of course.

- Kons
ill email Vanessa, find out prices for this year and then we can figure out who would be in.

- Kons
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