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Aug 1, 2013
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I know not the C7 forum but what the heck, the sherwood park chev said they were to get one last week, no word yet?

drayton valley said soon

anybody see one here yet

Silver one drove through Rocky Mountain House today! Never did get to see the plate though. It looked absolutely AMAZING!!
Sherwood already delivered one to a client, Fort Mac also has one in that I've seen. Not sure if the client has picked it up yet though. Haven't seen any driving around yet.

I'm ordering mine on Thursday. Can't wait.

I'm new here btw guys! Names Mark and I'm up in Fort Mac. Can't wait to get in my first Vette!
Just got word this morning that GSL in Calgary has one. They're coming in slowly.....good luck finding an unsold unit though.
Welcome aboard Blue_Bomber 697! Catch up with Scaryfast as he's from Ft. Mac also. Look forward to seeing pics of the new 7 and hopefully it will be out to some cruises in the new year. Saying that, is it spring yet?????
Imagegot one in my garage
called sherwood park chevrolet and they have 5 in the showroom, 2014, but cannot sit in any of them as all sold, (just east of edmonton 5 miles)

2 other orders coming in unspoken for and their website is a little out of date

they may be able to order convertibles yet (about 2 g premium over msrp) cannot remember why he said they may get an allocation, something to do with convertibles not being oversold in orders so they can scoot an order in or something

anyway for those in middle alberta it may be worth a drive, maybe going there tomorrow agter I get a haircut (as opposed to getting a haircut there)

went there and saw

7 2014 all sold, 2 premiers in blue, 2 black manuals, 2 red manuals, 1 grey covert in a non-z51 (not sure what the price was)


7 2013's so if you are looking for a 2013 call Brent Giblin they will deal in the wintertime,

14 vets under one roof in the winter, special or priceless not sure which,

should have taken pics but you have seen it all before,

spent an hour just looking (could not sit in one as all sold, I understand and agree)

I'd never buy a base C7... would be bored with one ( I'm a hp freak ). Jeff would tell you this... seen me as a "low flying jet" :)

Now the Z06 sounds interesting.

If I won a lottery I could maybe see a C7 Z06 in my stable..... otherwise.. na, not for me.

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