Super day!! Kudo's to the people at Anderson's they put on a great day as always!!!--Firefighters, Shriners and lots of volunteers to help the day go smooth---FIRST CLASS EVENT!!! No goodie bags and tons of prizes and out by 1:00 pm!!!---Of course some pictures!!

Steve has new shoes and brakes!!!

Great dealer showing!!!!

Line up to get in!! We where there at 8:15 am!!

The old and the new!!!!

Manny on tour!!

The Z weapon loose on the 401!!!!!
Anderson's Vettefest

Had a great time at Vettefest last Saturday. Got there early at 8:10 (or at least what I thought was early) and there was already a steady lineup of cars on Dundas awaiting for their place on the tarmack. This being only my second Vette event, I was immediately welcomed and enjoyed meeting some great people. Anderson's did an outstanding job hosting.

Looking forward to doing more events,
Just looked at the personalized Xmas card Anderson's sent me (my car with a picture they took at this years event) and it advised June 5th. Great show (200+ cars) and only a cross town drive for me! Hope to see lots from the forum.
got my card too, my car is the burgundy '65 behind the '69 or it was then, sold it, a member of our club built the "BEANY67" car, sold my car to a chap from Woodstock that owns a muffler shop
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