Attached is an example of the truck for sale.

Here is the written portion. I would like to get a lifted truck some day.

For Sale: Lifted Ford Superduty.

Have u ever been told that your "manhood" isn't manly enough? . Do u sometimes feel like you were gifted with the short end of the stick? Well gentlemen ( and I enunciate the word gentle;) ) do I have the vehicle for you. This 2004 lifted diesel truck screams compensation with its 11.5 inches of total lift. ( I kno you are surprised it's white) that's 9.5" of suspension and 3" of bodylift. Holy #%*% she will scream as you roll up in this behemoth. ( perhaps the only screaming she will do that night). With 40" tires rolling coal this beauty is made for u the less endowed. But not to worry its extreme height is often to high for new lady friends to get in on their own. This allows you to reach second base just by helping them get in. Once they get in it's your turn. And not to worry this baby is fully air conditioned to help shed those clothes. This full size crew cab is said to hold up to 4 scandalous women plus urself and can haul *ss (literally) with its 6 liter Diesel engine. You'll be able to deliver a big load with its 12,500lb 2" receiver hitch with drop balls. You may ask yourself. "Is this the truck for me?" Well if u have to ask, It most likely is. Because of my love for this truck and the rubber necking that ensues as u roll down the road with ur new found manliness I have always kept her mechanically up to date. This vehicle is the wing man you wished you had. It's screams. " YA I GOT A SMALL WEINER SO WHAT!!" She already assumed you did and will be pleasantly surprised with whatever inches after a quick ride in this. This is an amazing truck, customized to help you fullfill your dreams. ( finally something you'll fill;) .. A man who drives this commands respect and endearment. Stop dreaming start living. You kno you had dreams of a truck just like this as a boy and this lifestyle can be all yours for the low price of 15,500


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