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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
AllFlash Reaches 3300 With 11 May Build Date!

I just found out from that my 2015 Z06 is 3000 and there are no constraints whatsoever. I don't quite understand but I have never looked forward to and been so frustrated by any purchase in my life.

2015 Coupe/Auto/DSOM/Flash Stinger/Flash Mirrors/Flash CFZ Ground FX/Spectra Rims/Blk Pads/2LZ/Kalahari/NavPDR/

Good luck and fingers crossed for all the others waiting as well!

Thanks all for the help... especially to Owais for helping me understand the system and Darryl for playing translator with my dealer when confirmation was needed.

There has been a special bottle of Messenez Prisoner just beggin to be opened and tonights the night...
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C7 Z06 and Auto....... can I try it when you get it to see how fast it shifts???

haha ;) congrats on the next phase.

I have gone through some wicked conversations on why I would be getting a Vette with auto tranny... I guess we were all surprised at the number of people that did choose the A8 though with this car.

Thanks all and it is just good to finally have it in stone that the Z is on its way. CharlieBrown I tried to return your pm but it stated you chose not to accept pm's.

My next phase is trying to clear a month for a trip from Niagara to New Orleans, along the coast crossing Mexico through Cali, and up to BC, before taking the trans-Canada back to Niagara....nice road trip.
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Congrats Flash, you did so much work on this car, you deserve it !

Hope some of that luck rubs off on us other Z06 Hopefuls.

congrats to you, please keeps us updated as you go along , plus that sounds like an awesome trip :canada:
Im so happy for you Les! Congrats! whats your TPW?

did it move straight to 3000? usually it takes a week between 2000 and 3000.

Stop by at Gateway Chev when you drive it back to Niagara in afew weeks!
Congrats Les -- That's pretty much what I would order if I were to get a C7

Number one on my list would be the 8spd. That is going to be real special.

I do hope to bump into you this summer to see the new toy.

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No doubt many of us will meet up this summer... Loved driving even before this machine....except it was usually on the VTX1800 or GSXR 750. Time to make room...
Ya...I figured such a date as it is being delivered to Quebec City which is just freakin cold all the time. Just extremely glad to be out of the clouds though.
Alex...what dealership? Isle Perrot? I must hove got real lucky with my CFZ passing without constraint.
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