Drove back from London, Ontario yesterday. Started off in brilliant sunshine, however it was very cold. Got to Ingersoll and all $ell broke loose. Road was pure ice, lots of cars off the road. Winter tires or not I would not want to drive a Corvette in this weather.

Put em away folks, time is up.

Let the count down begin - 139 now Elf?
A week ago it was in the mid fifties for Remembrance Day. Tonight, a week later, snow was dragging on the bottom of the Jimmy coming up our driveway. Lindsay is 14 miles away and the round trip took and hour and forty minutes. I think the cruise season is definitely over.
Update: We awakened this morning to 6-8" of snow and a bit more on the way. I've blown half and will blow the other half this afternoon. Cruising is a fading, distant memory. :(
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It's nice to see the snow going away finally. If this keeps up there will be a lot of bare ground showing in another week. Perhaps it would be a good time for some spit and polish before the salt is washed away and the roads dry up.:driving:
I know I am getting stoked. I can't wait until mine is out. I know I shouldn't say this to loudly, but I already have the Z28 out, however, its not the same.
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