Dec 20, 2009
2007 Z51
Went to the show today at Ontario Motor Sales dealership in Oshawa. Was a good turn out lots of nice rides.

Here are some pics..Enjoy

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Not sure what size didnt look :D

But all in all it was a good day..The weather held up nice, no rain
Crusher wish i had known you would had been there, i was there with two buds my car was right beside the rat rod you have a picture of it from a distance here withe rest of the pictures.Hope to meet you and others at the events this season this show was great for sure it was well done we all had a good time.And oh my the cars the mods the high performance just every where .:coolgleam:

Hi Kent, yeah that would have been nice to meet you. hopefully at another event.
Nice C4 you have. My machine silver C6 was up front by the entrance, I was beside the yellow ZO6, 7th picture from the top.

Yes lots of beautiful cars everywhere
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